The High School Mentality of Sex Work on Social Media

Sex work ( with Social Media and Review Boards) Really is like high school.

I look at how so many sex workers relate to each other so negatively and it reminds me of kids in high school bullying, and alienating others. You know the kid who sits alone and others say horrible things or throw things at them. We  all remember that kid. It was disturbing for me to watch then and its ridiculous for me to watch when we are all supposed to be adults.

I have said several times that review culture is literally the embodiment of the High School Boys locker room, where guys share info on their conquests and bet who can hit it first. Where guys have fun exclaiming their prowess.

And guys, I want you to know I don’t hate men, I just hate men who act like BOYS. Real men, gentlemen.. I love them.

But sex workers, how can many of us admit to and speak on hating review culture due to the high school like nature of it, but then get on social media and rip each other apart and create the same toxic energy among each other that we bitch about finding in review sites.

Literally every day someone is putting down someone, criticizing someone, giving advice where none was asked for. Making fun of people less fortunate than you situations. People open their mouths without thinking of or considering what may be going on in the persons life. Most of you don’t even know each other outside of Twitter, like seriously most of us have only met 15-20 percent of the people we socialize with within the community. We consider each other “friends” but most of us really don’t know each other in the real world. Most of us know about 15-20 other providers well enough to really hang out with them. Let’s face it most of us barely trust each other , so we are not likely to meet and hang out with each other due to the backstabbing and shenanigans many have already dealt with when they tried to actually be real friends with other companions.

That in itself is really sad. You’d think that a marginalized group of people, who the whole world pretty much disrespects would be there for each other and treat each other better. Like there is power in numbers and just think of all the powerful and beautiful things we could do to help each other in the sex work community if we weren’t so busy in-fighting and acting like we were kids.

There are cliques and it’s silly to me that they exist. Again we are whole grown ups. It is ok to be cool with, to use the services of , to retweet and speak to people out of your “brand”. It is ok to be cool with, to use the services of and to retweet and speak to people who some of your “friends” may not like. Some of you really need to stop being scared to be yourselves. Life is awesome and fun when you live it from a genuine place. It gets exhausting trying to pretend to be something or someone you are not. Some of you must be so stressed and exhausted from it.

Can we all act like adults in 2020 and the years forward? Is that too much to ask for?

Wake up and see how much better it can be if sex workers treated each other with the very same kindness that you spend all day wanting the rest of the world to give to us. Be kind to each other. It’s really such a simple thing.


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