Thanks from Taken By Storm INC

I wanted to drop by as we continue to work hard to make Web Design and SEO deadlines by the 29th of December just to say. THANK YOU SO MUCH , YALL ROCK!

My family had a good Christmas and it absolutely would not have been possible had it of not been for the support of my customers!

I am not a Taylor Swift fan but in the words of Taylor “Hater’s gonna hate hate hate hate, Shake it off!” That is what I do daily and I continue to be happy, full of love and so grateful to most and many of you!

Me and my kids cooked Asian Cuisine and we all exchanged gifts. One of my 2 grand kids even made it this year. Everyone said it was the best Christmas they had in a long time.  All of my kids except my oldest and her son were here. … BUT AFTER A LONG TIME OF NOT SPEAKING Christmas brought she and I to a healing in our relationship for which I am happy.


I hope all of you had a great Holiday also. I know it can be a hard time of the year and I and my kids have endured a few bad ones ourselves.

I just want you all to remember… when you are at the bottom, and shit is at is all time worst…

There is NO where to go but UP!! I know it seems cliche and crazy to say but that really is the truth. Once you hit bottom of anything in life, the only thing to do is get up!


Thanks again and I hope to continue to support and help sex workers everywhere for many years to come. Lets have a great 2020



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