Take care of yourselves, Because besides Money the Gov’t has dropped the ball!

How did we get here?

How did this happen?

We live in a country with some of the best resources in the world yet they were given info on Coronavirus 3 mos ahead of time and still dropped the ball!

Economics and finance mean more to them than the lives of human beings.

I am so upset, so disgusted with the current state of affairs.

They would sacrifice all of us that are middle class, or poor to save the rich, and the stock market.

I was once a health care worker. I know the job is hard, I respect everyone doing all they can to care for the rest of us, down to the grocery store clerk..

BUT the rest of us deserve testing and a chance to live as well. AND I know healthcare workers and others would feel that way too.  The govt is making these rules but I KNOW as someone who once cared for patients the last thing they want is for everyone else to suffer , or to die to just only test them.

People who do jobs serving the public usually have a passion for it and want to save others not see everyone else suffer just to save them.

I’m not panicked, again I am not panicked but to say I am not fearful would be a lie.

I am telling you, prepare and take care of yourselves and your families because your American Govt does not care about us.

They care about the rich, the care about the middle class and wealthy white population but the rest of us, not so much!


But right now we are discussing the reality of what is happening. And the reality is .. the poor, the lower middle class and the POC are being sacrificed in this current pandemic.

Testing and testing kits should be available to everyone, everyone with possible symptoms.

SCHOOLS AND PUBLIC GATHERINGS SHOULD NOT RESUME FOR AT-LEAST 45 DAYS, scientist and health experts have said this yet our gov’t only cares about MONEY so they want to push things to return sooner.. Which will just cause more deaths and more overcrowding is hospitals that are already struggling.

I have emailed my 14 yr old’s school and also my 17 yr old sons job corps. He is so close to completing both his programs but in good faith and the way I love my kids I AM REFUSING TO SEND THEM BACK on the dates they are supposed to have to go back.

Even Education isn’t worth my kids being exposed to this shit.
I will keep them home with me and if needed I’ll suffer the consequences but I will NOT LEAD MY KIDS TO SLAUGHTER.

If we get sick we will do it home, together with love and caring for one another PERIODT.

Please y’all take care of yourselves, because they sure don’t care.

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