Holiday Incentive Specials 2019

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Now these aren’t the kind of specials where there will be 40/50/60 or even 100 dollar offerings..

Sorry guys if it won’t add up right for me it doesn’t make “cents” to me ( pun intended)


My rates normally begin at 300 FIRM! Especially for new friends No exception!

Right now Holiday season only I will entertain 200 for NON GFE  one hour companionship.

Normally my policy states all new friends must do 90 min session or up.. SO HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Not to be rude or a bitch but if you cannot afford 200 then the luxury of spending time and money with lovely , female companions probably isn’t where you belong.


$200 is absolutely beyond reasonable. Lingerie, laundry , bedding and supplies costs most

companions well beyond that 200. So please be gentlemen and appreciate the 200 rate.

After all it does save you $100!


This special is good ONLY for the month of NOVEMBER and can end at any time once

I have met my goal!  So it may run the whole month of November and then again, maybe it won’t, so

don’t delay.


Have a great week!




The Power of Words… Positive words = Positive Energy


” A word changes the meaning, the mood and the motivation”~~ Aristotle


The power of a word
A negative term is a negative term regardless of how people say “in using the word ourselves we give it new meaning, new power”

Let’s begin with the example of the word Nigger…the dreaded N word.
Now among ourselves (Poc) we use the term NIGGA, somewhat similar but very different. Now I don’t know how much power we have given it…lol but its slang and perhaps ignorant slang that most people of color, even myself are guilty of using. But the actual word Nigger created and used by white people (NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE and by some other races to describe us) is negative and will always be.. I wouldn’t care how you explained it to me..the meaning is abhorrent and should never ever be used.

Now moving on to terms that I find disturbing. Look I just want you all to understand that if you use positive terms to refer to yourself ,you will feel the positive energy and self love that comes from those terms.

Ok fellow sex workers now I know some of you believe in using the terms prostitute, hooker, whore…
As you say to be proud and give the words new power..

But REMEMBER where those words came from. Men, MEN, men..misogynistic men called powerful, uncontrollable, dominant, free loving,sexual women that. Those terms were created to degrade and humiliate women. And no matter how often you use them and try to put a different spin on those terms men and square women are still using those terms to describe us to humiliate and degrade us. The only somewhat positive twist of the word is “heaux”. Why do we think calling ourselves whores, etc and allowing anyone to call us that is acceptable?

Sex work is WORK!


Men aren’t , why should we be. Why should we accept that? There is NO good reason for it.

Doctors are doctors, teachers are teachers, etc.. in all other career or job paths people are labeled respectfully. I expect the same for all of us in the sex work community.

Personal choice is personal choice and if you are cool w the other terms that you don’t deserve to be called..that’s your choice. But I am feminist to my core and I REFUSE to be labeled and called by some negative ass , degrading meant to keep me under control terms that men came up with!

I don’t feel powerful hearing or using them. You know what makes me feel powerful in referring to what I do…Hello.. my name is Storm and I am a sex worker, gentleman’s companion, courtesan etc. Because those terms place me in equal standing and even above some men and square women.

I speak of myself and to myself in positive terms only. Same as I say full figured, fluffy, big and beautiful, thick AND NOT FAT. I know we have all supposedly begun using the term FAT too as a powerful term, to take back power..BUT AGAIN ITS AN INSULT TERM.. no one ever used it in it’s original use as a compliment.

Again personal choice. For me I refuse to call myself or allow others to call me anything that was created to be negative.

I just believe in demanding respect ,love and positive energy only in my space and life.

I am a proud sex worker. It is my job and I am a strong sexual woman and if any term should apply..its Goddess ..

Have a great day yall!


**Sorry about all the typos in this earlier, I was just so pissed  I speed typed**




Read that again….

NOW let me explain a few things to some of you..
Women are already told by men on every damn front what to do, how to look, what to wear and now we are even told when and where to have kids. So if another woman puts down  sex work or slut shames you all want to tear her apart. However, you all have no  issue doing the same in regard to body positivity and then want to use the good ole same BS line
Victoria’s Secret used in regard to why they have no full figured women in their shows..

” I don’t see what’s wrong with encouraging my other sex workers to tone up and live healthier lifestyles” That and “well no it is true, men on boards say this and that, I get emails where men said this and that”

This from the same ladies who claim to hate review and hobbyist culture but who spend all their time giving a fuck
what the men there said about them.


Perhaps when giving other sex workers advice try to focus more on teaching them the importance of the following:

1.Having mental thick skin so that they do not give a damn what men say about them as long as they feel beautiful themselves.
( Personally to the men who contact me and make shots at my body or weight I simply say the exact following ” I am beautiful and
especially beautiful for a woman of my age. I market to the men who love women with meat on their bones of which there are plenty and I have
never cared nor will I about the men who are seeking something different than me. I am not interested in spending time with them anyway if
we are not a good fit. Have a good day sir.”) But what I do not do is worry, go pick myself apart in a mirror or give a shit. I been a full figured sex worker since 2001 and I raised 5 kids ( no welfare etc ,on that money) and not in Section 8 housing either ( NOTHING wrong with that tho because I was a welfare and section 8 MOM when I was 20-23 years old before sex work, so no shame)

2. Point the BBW girls you are trying to mentor to examples of BBW ladies who market well, and know what to do to promote in this industry. There are PLENTY of us. And truthfully some of the BBW ladies have larger followings and an almost cult like fan base and make double a week what some of the ladies taking shots at other ladies bodies do. Those are facts! And do you know how and why.. GOOD MARKETING AND A CONFIDENT SEXY AS HELL ATTITUDE AND WAY OF THINKING!

3. Guide them on how to use Social Media Marketing, How to get good , crisp HD pics of themselves even if they cannot afford a PHOTOG there are plenty of  other ways to get great images, ( I am happy to teach any of you)

4. Teach them how to find confidence and self love if they do not have it currently. And if you yourself do not have self love or confidence then do
not “mentor” others and make them have self doubt simply because you have self doubt of yourself ( That you lie and cloak behind online Bravado and fake personality)

5.Teach them, what your mother probably taught you growing up, so what he or she said that to you, if you know you are beautiful and you believe it you are.
Be strong, have courage and be unapologetically you and WIN AND SHOW EM WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF! That’s the speech you should be giving to a fellow co sex worker.

6.Teach a BBW sex worker or any sex worker really, that personality and packaging ( hair, clothing, lingerie) along with being able to connect and engage a client mentally is ABSOLUTELY as important as all the shallow physical stuff. Personality with good packaging can steal the soul of any man!

7. THE MOST IMPORTANT , DO NOT LIE TO THEM, LET THEM KNOW THAT WINNING AND WORKING AS A BBW OR OTHER NICHE SEX WORKER IS HARDER WORK! IT REQUIRES MORE MARKETING, MORE BACKBONE, MORE TRIAL AND ERROR TILL YOU FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, BUT REMIND THEM ITS THE MARKETING AND THE BUSINESS FOUNDATION AND SAVVY THAT MATTERS ... WWWWWWWWAAAAAAY MORE THAN THE SIZE OF THEIR BODIES!!!! ( To tell someone that they will be successful based off what you teach them , and only within a 2-5 month period is setting them up for possible disappointment in today’s unstable industry. I am keeping it 100. Ladies with great reputations, and great bodies who know their shit have themselves found things a lot different in the last year.  So when mentoring be thoughtful, get to know each sex worker you are consulting and advising on a unique, customized level.  Then begin to build their plan for success)

Ladies if any of you are reading this and you have been body shamed by guys on boards, or in emails or by other sex workers and you need to be reminded how bad ass all women are .. contact me. I can help! TAKENBYSTORMDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM


Have a great week!

Happy Top of the Week July 15th 2019


I decided to just drop in this morning and share a blog lol.

It’s been a bit since i blogged or at least it feels like it has.  My summer so far has been a little lackluster.  However I am blessed and cannot complain.  This summer has been a lot slower  in regard to the usual amount of web design clients I get in the summer months.  I know a lot of ladies have been complaining about business being slow and others have to wait until the fall to do new pics etc.  So yes I’ve felt a bit of a pinch of financial stress but I am still grateful for what me and my family do have.  With that being said ” HEY EVERYONE , I CAN USE MORE WEB DESIGN AND ASSISTANT WORK STAT!!”

Other than that life is good.  My adult kids , even with their own financial struggles this summer are doing well and are good human beings and that is most important. My younger kids well, its Summer and they are enjoying it. In August same as last year we all , including my grandkids go on vacation together. I only get to see them all together once a year for a week. Since my older 3 live back in Maryland and Delaware area where I am originally from myself.

So I love Summer because I get to see my whole bunch.  I guess however I have embarked on an endless summer. Last year I made up my mind I was going to go to as many different beaches , when I tour as possible and so far I think I have hit about 7 beaches. More to come!!

Due to the slowness of the Summer and the cross country stings being done in so many places , I had to put my Chicago plans on hold AGAIN , and it is very frustrating to me, because I WANT TO SEE CHICAGO AND EXPERIENCE IT MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE.   ( There are lots of places and countries , I want to see but its definitely one of the top choices) . I wanted to do my traveling while school was out but it doesn’t seem that its going to line up that way. So I will hopefully have an uptick in business soon and be able to make both my dreams and the dreams of my gentlemen admirers a reality.

I am always, always available for FLY ME TO YOU! I prefer it in fact as it alleviates the brunt of the expense from falling on me.  SO BY ALL MEANS, FLY ME TO YOU 🙂

This summer in a nutshell for me so far , has been filled with family fun, water, and love and great food!

I cannot wait to share more summer experiences with you after my family vacay in August.

On another note, I will have some new pics and videos hopefully of myself to share by the end of this week. If my current web assignments and assistant work doesn’t keep me so busy that I just don’t have the time.. Hopefully I can carve some time out for my admirers !


See you soon and remember , Life is a Beach ! ( Enjoy it)






Candid , Intriguing things to know about me…

Hello Gents,

This blog is interesting and I love it, of course .. its my blog.
But it has never gotten to the point my beloved blog was at.
That blog had a stat reading of 480,000 views. It was a love project of mine for almost 7 yrs.

But here we are! So onward moving, I cannot cry over spilled milk and wanted to just share things with you about me if you are a gentlemen who is new to visiting companions and escorts, or just a guy who hasn’t heard of me or had the opportunity to get to know me.

(BTW a great way to get to know me is on Twitter @supergirlstorm )

So some things you may find interesting about me….

I am extremely intelligent and well spoken. Lot’s of this is in my bio on my website , but in case you haven’t ventured over there yet I could read second year college level at age eight years old. I run two web companies one for mainstream industries and one for sex workers. I am also a booking and branding assistant for other companions nationwide. (BTW I am happy to build a web design for any of you gentlemen’s business and do your SEO “search engine optimization” . Don’t be shy ask me BUT do not expect an exchange of services.

I am a creative. I love and enjoy anything that allows me to create something visually stimulating to others. I can paint, and draw just about anything and anyone you can think of!! I won awards ALL throughout school for my artistic ability and was in gifted and talented art programs throughout my school career. I got accepted to college MAINLY on my art abilities , not my grades as by then I had discovered boys and lost my focus. ( I kick myself for it daily lol) Prior to the discovery of boys I was a straight A honor roll and perfect attendance kid for YEARS on end. Back to the creative … I have many talents. I can also do makeup, hair-styling , graphics and you name it . If it is something that leads to something being improved or beautiful, I am in!

My next skill and one of my BEST, I HAVE CHEF LEVEL COOKING SKILLS.. self taught and well as anyone my age knows..
my generation grew up watching out grandmothers and aunts cook. I can throw down in a kitchen. This is one of the reasons I offer a chef session type date. It’s one of the two out of the norm sessions I offer. I also offer a session for men who just need a sexy “therapist” if you will to discuss their emotional pains and business pains with. So many gents have told me how great I was to talk to and I have had some come wanting sex but then having guilt due to divorcing or personal life issues who I made feel warm, welcome and who I just was there for. Like a paid shoulder to lean on. I love those dates just as much as the sensual ones because for me being a companion is about the “experience” ‘and really
connecting with the gentlemen I spend time with.

So I am A REAL GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE…( without the relationship lol)

Good conversation, maturity, compassion and PASSION ! A woman who can cook you a meal and then
be your dessert! All while making you feel like you made a genuine friend. I mean It gets no more girlfriend experience than that !

Areas you will find me in more than other are Brunswick Ga, Tampa FL, Baltimore Md, Atlanta Ga, Gainesville Ga, Washington Dc and soon San Jose , Ca and Chicago IL. I hope to make your acquaintance when I pass through.


Seductive Storm VIP

The truth of being a WOC sex worker

Good Morning. I like to think of myself as the IYANLA FIX MY LIFE ( AND FIX MY THINKING) of sex work.
Yesterday on Twitter a lady ( another sex worker) decided she was going to question, comment and chime in on a WOC sex workers thoughts on different treatment when touring etc.

I am going break down a list and I will probably not even cover all the ways that many of us do not get what we should, or treated how we should in this industry. But let me educate those of you who think WOC, BBW’S and all other more “unique” groups use these things as excuses or complaints. YOU
are wrong these things are factual.

Let’s keep in simple in the first example and keep it to where yall live SOCIAL MEDIA.

Case and point , let’s be real , let’s be honest we have all seen photos of black companions , or even full figured companions etc that you know damn well were executed flawlessly, the companion is beautiful. BUT even on the ones
where the retweets and likes may get high they do NOT usually get as high as the white ladies pic ( Or even those who may not be white but have more Caucasian looks and features) You all can deny that if you want…
but it is the truth. In some cases the WOC pics look ten times better and you all know it too but then you will see another ladies pic that is just not a good pic get 900 likes AND usually its a Caucasian counterpart.

We got the simple example out of the way, now lets move on.

I have always been Independent BUT I have done assistant work for agencies. I have been the mentor for ladies who
have come to me after being told by well known agencies and booking assistants that “they only work with white ladies or latin ladies, or that they do not work with BBW’s” You see the thought perception and unfortunately due to how men even view the worth of WOC or fuller figured women has alot to do with it. The agencies and booking assistants know they
wont make as much profit off of these ladies.I see it all the time while assisting agencies. Men ask “Do you have an asian?” “Do you have a white girl?” “Do you have a spinner type”? Not once have I seen the question “Do you have any ebony ladies?”

SO PLEASE do not tell these ladies who are complaining of different treatment that it is an excuse, or that they are angry black women.
Also just because the agencies you have tried didn’t hire you due to you being more curvy, more busty or whatever do NOT compare your
experience to that of the WOC complaining. Honestly I know Latin ladies are women of color BUT trust me even they are higher up on the chain
and get more attention and are treated as more worthy than black women. Latin is thought of as exotic. Black women are treated
as exotic when they travel to other countries.

You see how WOC are treated in sex work isn’t really that different than how they are treated and viewed in general. I get that your privilege
allows you to overlook it, to not get it. Here’s examples where the treatment of black women and girls is so different that you cannot overlook it.
Washington DC over 100 black girls missing, we heard about it for one year and then barely nothing. But the blonde haired blue eyed girl that went missing
in Aruba years ago.. shes never forgotten. They were told the black girls in DC are more than likely being trafficked and instead of really caring or checking
into it.. they would rather think they are runaways.

Another example the R Kelly situation. His choosing of only black girls and a couple of latin girls is quite telling. He knows the world in general
does not value black women or girls. Its much easier to do a few payoffs, for the police to not give a damn when its black ladies and girls he is targeting.
If he did that exact same thing to blonde haired Suzy he’d of already been under the jail. Those are the facts.

So to you ladies on the outside looking in assuming you know what it is like to be a WOC sex worker,( Or who think because you can name maybe 6 black
companions who are able to get what most of the white girls or extremely fair complexioned ladies get without having to blink) if you think you know what it
is really like for most WOC SW you need to be quiet. You have no idea the frustration and anger lots of ladies feel when they know their branding is just as good, their pics are flawless, they are running their business properly yet they are looked over or haggled based on race or complexion and heaven forbid they also be BBW .

I hope after reading this and really thinking some of you who like to say that being a sex worker while being black is no different than your experience
will not say it again. You have no idea what its like. I have white sex work friends one of whom is a best friend who I used to live with. She used to even
be amazed at how differently I was treated, she witnessed it. Not just by white men, most of her clients were black. You see its all across the board. Men regardless or race treat WOC swer’s differently. I am a vet of 17 yrs. I know how to build brands, I do web design and assistant work for other ladies and have for quite some time SO your argument of her not knowing how to run her business certainly do not apply to me and many others. I doubt that it even applies to the young lady the statement was made towards.

Please understand once and for all, you cannot understand what we deal with. You just cant you never will.

That is all have a great weekend all.

Oh and I am definitely NOT “angry”. I simply speak facts.

Calling a black woman “angry” is really usually just a term used to try to shade when a black woman is strong, speaks her mind and doesn’t stay within the confines society seems to expect us to stay within or put up with.

Also let’s all take a moment to give @the_cute_dog on Twitter the attention he craves. He seems to think I am bitter or resentful in the fact that I am a black older BBW.  I am sure you all know that the furthest from the truth. I have and will always be confident, beautiful and free of small minded thinking. This blog entry was at the defense of another lady who a non WOC sex worker belittled during a discussion. But Mr. Cute Dog by his own Twitter fingers just proved my point. We have no issue with you guys having preferences.  We are merely stating the fact that the industry is DIFFERENT for WOC.  Your ignorant comments will never change that. Again….. you should really stay out of conversations that you cannot relate to and that you have to real experience in.


BTW CUTE DOG..  true gentlemen, the guys I and most girls are interested in, are interested in the COMPLETE experience and interaction they have with a companion.   I assure you as a companion who has been in biz a long time, raised a whole family on that income w no gov’t assistance , that PLENTY of men desire me and find me beautiful.  Beyond that they greatly enjoy my personality and wit. Lastly a shocker for you most of my clients that enjoy me and seek me out are in fact older Caucasian gents.  I am proud of who I am and of what I have been able to do.  I just wanted to point out that basically every assumption you make of me ( as shown in the attached screenshot) is ridiculous.

You sir are laughable.



Being Hot temporarily VS. Longevity

Being the temporary it girl , or having longevity.

For those who have short term plans being the “It” girl is fine…

No argument there but for those who are really planning to be in sex work for the long haul here’s a few pointers.

Interactions w other companions,

If you aren’t social or do not want to be, then this part really doesn’t have anything to do with you.

If you are social or are trying to be then it does and you should pay attention.

Being younger, thinner, etc ( while it may help in the short run) doesn’t mean anything in the long run.

That’s right I said it. So when dealing with other companions who have put in real time, real years and I do not mean those within the 1 to 6 yr range ( that’s the heaux honeymoon phase) I mean REAL time. Those of us with over a decade of  experience, then you need to remember to be respectful.

While you may be hot now, we have the wisdom, the strength and the real info on how to really survive and not just  survive but thrive in this business. So many girls with less than 10 yrs experience in this industry think because they  are hot right now that they know more or are more successful than those of us who have average or mid range lives .

Sweeties take it from me, I made a shit ton of money first few years, but what is more important than that is that

Those are the important lessons that so many of the up and coming companions do not understand. Forget the glam, forget the jet setting…

That’s whats important.

So many of you spend lots and lots of time trying to impress and make impressions.
Men like companions who are genuinely them, trust me I know. Its been the main point of my branding.
I know plenty of other ladies as well who have been able to make a good living and to thrive even in the tough times on just being who they really are.

Of course outside appearance and having some level of poise and class are also important BUT it shouldn’t look or feel forced or fake.

To the newer companions. … STOP talking to us like you know more than us.
Stop acting entitled like things should just be handed to you ..
STOP acting like spoiled kids when you don’t instantly get your way , or when business is slower and you actually have to use your brain and figure out how to make things work.

ESCORTING IS NOT QUICK MONEY!! IT IS NOT EASY MONEY! Years ago it was , THAT time is gone!

Ladies also please stop harassing each other. We are all adults and its hard enough out here without ladies doing little underhanded subtweets to try to sabotage each others businesses or all out outing and bullying of other companions. Where is your honour? Do you not have any?
I have been the victim of some of all of this lately it seems people forget who I am , or what I am and that , that nonsense from companions who COULDN’T walk even a half a mile in my shoes will not be tolerated.

The thing I hear all the time from younger companions is that other companions wont help them, wont talk to them, wont provide them with references… WELL there is a reason. Mainly that the younger generation of companions is very ungrateful and selfish
and rude when you do try to help them.

I personally have always wanted to help, I really have. But recently I have been shown by 2 companions that I have helped or done work for why others say no and walk away from helping so many of you. Yes I , Storm and now finding it hard to even want to help or befriend many of you based on your lack of knowing how to have some character and manners when dealing with us “old heads” who came before you.

I give respect and I expect it back period. This goes not just for me but for all the “SENIOR companions of over 10 yrs in this biz” if you cannot talk to us with the respect we deserve then do not talk to us. Do not ask me for help, or have me help you and then you decide to act like you are above or beyond me or any other senior companion.

Doing that comes back to bite you in the ass…
other companions do see the traits and they do make note.

On to the second part of longevity or surviving this business…
Do not ever put all your eggs in one basket.

Find out what your strengths are and build and use them. I mean outside of your sexual strengths.
Get an education. If you have other talents like for me web design and photography and drawing.. use them.
If you have other passions and things that matter start a business based on them. Fashion blogger, food blogger,
travel blogger what have you.

Always be looking to build your brand in sex work so that you can then start other brands and businesses off of it.

Learn as much as you can. Create as much as you can.
Create your own destiny.

Make a monthly budget ladies and stick to it.

I was like a lot of your the first years or so , I was like whooo hooo, I got hella money let me ball out…
Then I wasn’t prepared for when shit hits the fan and me and my kids went through a few years of tough times.
But then I found a way to combine my businesses, my talents and a way to make sure that each month I plan ahead and this way I have enough to have groceries, to travel, to pay rent and utilities and to spoil myself and my kids.

Of course shit happens so I am not saying each month goes according to plan BUT it is important to at-least have the  plan and limit yourself so that even in slow months you have enough for your rent and important things.

Then about 6 to 8 months of doing it that way you should be able to begin putting aside money each month that you cannot touch even if its just 500.00 for your future nest egg.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and humble , especially with your peers.
and clients also like to see that you are human and a real person.

You would be surprised how freely money flows to you when people know you have feelings,  aren’t just a shell and when they see you have a purpose or a goal. When you say thank you, when you seem warm and inviting to your peers and clients it goes a long way.

The moral of this blog is..

One last very important thing.

I have been fortunate and have only had one assault happen to me ever in my 17 yrs of sex work.
I have been lucky in that I haven’t been abused or exploited. Sex work gave me strength and actually made my life better, even when it sucks it still was enriching for me.

BUT its because I always cared more about my safety, my family and my boundaries and my self respect than I did the money.

MONEY is great but remember you cannot spend it if you are dead. And the money doesn’t matter if you are in harms way ..
So remember put yourself and your family first. Put your safety in a close second and your boundaries in a hard third.

Have a blessed day!


Naples Florida and other Visiting City updates!

Traveling plans updates and specials while traveling.


As of this time Savannah Ga is looking like I may postpone that trip for the week after Thanksgiving.

Naples FL and Tampa/Orlando Florida as of now are still on for next week. ( If something changes that
I will let you know as soon as I know but as of now still looking forward to it)

On both of these trips I will be offering a special rate of 600 for 2 hours while touring.
I normally expect 400 per hour when on Tour.

So it would normally be 800 for 2 hours.
( In some cases the 600 for 2 hours will not be available depending upon the time of companionship for the 2 hours)

I also have Eros ads for Fargo ND and may consider feeler ads in a couple more cities to plan for
more touring after the Holiday season.

Yes I know its going to be freezing. Don’t worry, I will have the proper coats and shoes and more to
tough it out. There is no better time to cozy up to and keep warm under the covers than when its
freezing outside.

Chicago, Seattle and Washington DC. YOU ARE GUARANTEED some time with me.
Dates will be posted closer to the actual trips!

I am looking forward to lots of fun.


Hey guys Happy Halloween!

I know, I know we aren’t there yet but  I thought I’d post now because as a Mom , Halloween is usually busy for me with family.

I just wanted to drop by to share that for all my cosplay guys and my submissives you can now find my cosplay services listed here

In other news, the specials that included a half hour rate last week are finished.  The only active specials are for longer dates ( dinner dates, multi- hours or overnights ).

Enjoy the Fall!!



Writing from the soul…..

Today’s blog was supposed to be about Sugar Daddy’s but then I decided I wanted to be more vulnerable and speak more from the heart about my journey , my families journey and who I am as a real woman and person.

First anything I share about myself is true. I honestly and genuinely at 8 yrs old was tested as reading at second year college level. I am extremely intelligent but I do have a weakness in math. Not business math or real estate math though I excel in both of those areas. But I seem to panic when confronted with equations and geometry. So I am not perfect but I am extremely confident,intelligent
and compassionate.

Last weeks threats towards my family just made me realize even more how very important they are to me.
Some people need degrees, accolades and other momentous things to feel accomplished. I will be the first to  admit that had I have not fallen in love w boys, and fallen off my academics in my late teen years that I too
would definitely have been one of those people.

I attended gifted and talented art programs and acquired every award possible for academics and art from ages of 5 yrs to 17 yrs, when my romantic ideas of life and love took over. The only regret I have is that people did not get to see me  be the true academic scholar I could have been.

But alas, I chose love, my children over everything else.
I became a mother at the age of 18 for the first time. I did attend college for 2 yrs. I did get a real estate license years later and I did get nursing assistant certification. But my original life path was to be a fashion designer. I groomed myself for it since 3rd grade. That is my only regret , that I did not achieve that goal. BUT as for accomplishments …..

My children are my accomplishments.
They are the GREATEST creations, greatest things I could have created . They are all beautiful ( Like no really they are everyone always compliments me on the genetics lol) but they are all also different and have issues as all young people do who are coming into their own. I am a mother who recognizes that her children have good points and bad points.
I am also a mother who loves them from the bottom of her very being.

Did you know I began this escort journey at the end of my marriage years ago? Originally just to be able to pay lawyers but then I realized how much time I had missed working 16 hour shifts in nursing. Being an escort allowed me so much more time to take care of my family. To basically be a stay at home mom, but with a much better income. I have no regrets or shame regarding that.
The public and the moral orals can say what they wish BUT what I became , who I am , made me a MUCH better mother than I ever would have been had I of continued always being a slave to medical corporations and never being home with my family.

Every thing I have ever done, has been to be there for my family.

Finally over the last year my web design business has grown and I now have a different primary way of providing for them. This year I got to make sure my kids enjoyed every experience they could, even a vacation and a pool at our home just for them.
I don’t miss holidays…. it’s beginning to feel like a wonderful life again…

To anyone reading this who has doubts that women like me can be good mothers, great mothers, YOU ARE WRONG..
We are some of the best, most dedicated, selfless mothers you could ever meet. Versus the mother who hates her life, hates her job gets very little rest, and comes home irritated and angry only to take it out on her children. I am blessed that I have enjoyed my life, my journey. It has had very bad moments , my own life has BUT even when we struggled, even when we didn’t have much…
My kids have always known and felt extreme love and sacrifice from their mother.

I am proud of myself as a woman, I am proud of myself as a companion, I am proud of myself the most as a mother.

And that is something I will always protect.

Thank you for reading and taking time to get to know me.

If you want to spend time with a companion with character, maturity who knows what real life is and understands the need to escape it..

contact me anytime.