Holiday Incentive Specials 2019

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Now these aren’t the kind of specials where there will be 40/50/60 or even 100 dollar offerings..

Sorry guys if it won’t add up right for me it doesn’t make “cents” to me ( pun intended)


My rates normally begin at 300 FIRM! Especially for new friends No exception!

Right now Holiday season only I will entertain 200 for NON GFE  one hour companionship.

Normally my policy states all new friends must do 90 min session or up.. SO HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Not to be rude or a bitch but if you cannot afford 200 then the luxury of spending time and money with lovely , female companions probably isn’t where you belong.


$200 is absolutely beyond reasonable. Lingerie, laundry , bedding and supplies costs most

companions well beyond that 200. So please be gentlemen and appreciate the 200 rate.

After all it does save you $100!


This special is good ONLY for the month of NOVEMBER and can end at any time once

I have met my goal!  So it may run the whole month of November and then again, maybe it won’t, so

don’t delay.


Have a great week!




Life is Good! ( Even when it’s tough)

Life is a good thing even when it’s tough! Now lately business has been a little slower …

But I have had an amazing summer and it’s going to be a great fall!

Everyone in my households bdays that still live at home are born in September so we celebrated 2 of my kids bdays and then my loves (my partner of 11 yrs) bday.

I am sharing some photos from my sweeties bday weekend because it was so wonderful (yeah I planned it, sex workers make great girlfriends and wives ha!) but also because these are the kinds of surroundings and restaurants etc that a lady like me enjoys.

I enjoy and love the finer things in life and I won’t apologize for that. I look forward to traveling a lot this year and to building more memorable experiences in both my personal life and with my clients!

Not to mention I have a list of about 20 ladies who I seriously want to meet in DC as a location and hang out. I am planning it and will send an invite to those ladies once I have it figured out!

Enjoy these pics from my life and remember to always take time to be grateful and to enjoy the “roses”.

Time for me to figure out how to feed my lingerie and beach addiction haha…

In other words time to hustle and make more income.

Be well and be great!


( some of these are like screenshots , lol but hey I may crop them to perfection when I have more time )


By the way, I will be touring the following locations

Philadelphia November

Boston December

Chicago and Minneapolis ( to be announced)

Prebooking is open now!





**Sorry about all the typos in this earlier, I was just so pissed  I speed typed**




Read that again….

NOW let me explain a few things to some of you..
Women are already told by men on every damn front what to do, how to look, what to wear and now we are even told when and where to have kids. So if another woman puts down  sex work or slut shames you all want to tear her apart. However, you all have no  issue doing the same in regard to body positivity and then want to use the good ole same BS line
Victoria’s Secret used in regard to why they have no full figured women in their shows..

” I don’t see what’s wrong with encouraging my other sex workers to tone up and live healthier lifestyles” That and “well no it is true, men on boards say this and that, I get emails where men said this and that”

This from the same ladies who claim to hate review and hobbyist culture but who spend all their time giving a fuck
what the men there said about them.


Perhaps when giving other sex workers advice try to focus more on teaching them the importance of the following:

1.Having mental thick skin so that they do not give a damn what men say about them as long as they feel beautiful themselves.
( Personally to the men who contact me and make shots at my body or weight I simply say the exact following ” I am beautiful and
especially beautiful for a woman of my age. I market to the men who love women with meat on their bones of which there are plenty and I have
never cared nor will I about the men who are seeking something different than me. I am not interested in spending time with them anyway if
we are not a good fit. Have a good day sir.”) But what I do not do is worry, go pick myself apart in a mirror or give a shit. I been a full figured sex worker since 2001 and I raised 5 kids ( no welfare etc ,on that money) and not in Section 8 housing either ( NOTHING wrong with that tho because I was a welfare and section 8 MOM when I was 20-23 years old before sex work, so no shame)

2. Point the BBW girls you are trying to mentor to examples of BBW ladies who market well, and know what to do to promote in this industry. There are PLENTY of us. And truthfully some of the BBW ladies have larger followings and an almost cult like fan base and make double a week what some of the ladies taking shots at other ladies bodies do. Those are facts! And do you know how and why.. GOOD MARKETING AND A CONFIDENT SEXY AS HELL ATTITUDE AND WAY OF THINKING!

3. Guide them on how to use Social Media Marketing, How to get good , crisp HD pics of themselves even if they cannot afford a PHOTOG there are plenty of  other ways to get great images, ( I am happy to teach any of you)

4. Teach them how to find confidence and self love if they do not have it currently. And if you yourself do not have self love or confidence then do
not “mentor” others and make them have self doubt simply because you have self doubt of yourself ( That you lie and cloak behind online Bravado and fake personality)

5.Teach them, what your mother probably taught you growing up, so what he or she said that to you, if you know you are beautiful and you believe it you are.
Be strong, have courage and be unapologetically you and WIN AND SHOW EM WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF! That’s the speech you should be giving to a fellow co sex worker.

6.Teach a BBW sex worker or any sex worker really, that personality and packaging ( hair, clothing, lingerie) along with being able to connect and engage a client mentally is ABSOLUTELY as important as all the shallow physical stuff. Personality with good packaging can steal the soul of any man!

7. THE MOST IMPORTANT , DO NOT LIE TO THEM, LET THEM KNOW THAT WINNING AND WORKING AS A BBW OR OTHER NICHE SEX WORKER IS HARDER WORK! IT REQUIRES MORE MARKETING, MORE BACKBONE, MORE TRIAL AND ERROR TILL YOU FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, BUT REMIND THEM ITS THE MARKETING AND THE BUSINESS FOUNDATION AND SAVVY THAT MATTERS ... WWWWWWWWAAAAAAY MORE THAN THE SIZE OF THEIR BODIES!!!! ( To tell someone that they will be successful based off what you teach them , and only within a 2-5 month period is setting them up for possible disappointment in today’s unstable industry. I am keeping it 100. Ladies with great reputations, and great bodies who know their shit have themselves found things a lot different in the last year.  So when mentoring be thoughtful, get to know each sex worker you are consulting and advising on a unique, customized level.  Then begin to build their plan for success)

Ladies if any of you are reading this and you have been body shamed by guys on boards, or in emails or by other sex workers and you need to be reminded how bad ass all women are .. contact me. I can help! TAKENBYSTORMDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM


Have a great week!

My year battling Psoriasis ( A note to my clients)

My yearly battle with Psoriasis

Hey guys! As you all know I am big on transparency. So in light of upcoming trips and even just local gentlemen
who have interest in meeting me…

You may notice from times to time “weird” skin as I like to call it on my hands and feet. A year ago I  noticed some itchy spots on sides of my feet and kind of just figured it would go away. We are now a year out from
that and it actually spread and now affects my hands and feet. Thank goodness I am a black woman and so as long
as I use my medicated creams and ointments for my Psoriasis the plaques as they are called are not extremely noticeable.

But there are times when it flares badly that my hands and feet are in lots of pain. So sometimes even with creams its not something I can hide. I wanted you all to know and understand what the plaques are as I didn’t want anyone to  think I had anything contagious.

PSORIASIS is NOT contagious. Its an auto immune disorder, usually genetic and I cannot pass it to anyone other than one of my
kids who has it ( due to genetics) not because we touched each other lol.

I encourage you to do your research on Psoriasis to understand.

Mine is mild ( knock on wood it stays that way) and doesn’t affect anything other than hands and feet.

I just wanted to share this with you so that everyone knows, I am safe, clean and healthy to see and spend time  with. My skin just likes to act like I am the enemy from time to time…lol

Everyone have a good day!

Hope to spend time with you soon!




EMAIL to book and screen

24 hours notice required on all dates.

Candid , Intriguing things to know about me…

Hello Gents,

This blog is interesting and I love it, of course .. its my blog.
But it has never gotten to the point my beloved blog was at.
That blog had a stat reading of 480,000 views. It was a love project of mine for almost 7 yrs.

But here we are! So onward moving, I cannot cry over spilled milk and wanted to just share things with you about me if you are a gentlemen who is new to visiting companions and escorts, or just a guy who hasn’t heard of me or had the opportunity to get to know me.

(BTW a great way to get to know me is on Twitter @supergirlstorm )

So some things you may find interesting about me….

I am extremely intelligent and well spoken. Lot’s of this is in my bio on my website , but in case you haven’t ventured over there yet I could read second year college level at age eight years old. I run two web companies one for mainstream industries and one for sex workers. I am also a booking and branding assistant for other companions nationwide. (BTW I am happy to build a web design for any of you gentlemen’s business and do your SEO “search engine optimization” . Don’t be shy ask me BUT do not expect an exchange of services.

I am a creative. I love and enjoy anything that allows me to create something visually stimulating to others. I can paint, and draw just about anything and anyone you can think of!! I won awards ALL throughout school for my artistic ability and was in gifted and talented art programs throughout my school career. I got accepted to college MAINLY on my art abilities , not my grades as by then I had discovered boys and lost my focus. ( I kick myself for it daily lol) Prior to the discovery of boys I was a straight A honor roll and perfect attendance kid for YEARS on end. Back to the creative … I have many talents. I can also do makeup, hair-styling , graphics and you name it . If it is something that leads to something being improved or beautiful, I am in!

My next skill and one of my BEST, I HAVE CHEF LEVEL COOKING SKILLS.. self taught and well as anyone my age knows..
my generation grew up watching out grandmothers and aunts cook. I can throw down in a kitchen. This is one of the reasons I offer a chef session type date. It’s one of the two out of the norm sessions I offer. I also offer a session for men who just need a sexy “therapist” if you will to discuss their emotional pains and business pains with. So many gents have told me how great I was to talk to and I have had some come wanting sex but then having guilt due to divorcing or personal life issues who I made feel warm, welcome and who I just was there for. Like a paid shoulder to lean on. I love those dates just as much as the sensual ones because for me being a companion is about the “experience” ‘and really
connecting with the gentlemen I spend time with.

So I am A REAL GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE…( without the relationship lol)

Good conversation, maturity, compassion and PASSION ! A woman who can cook you a meal and then
be your dessert! All while making you feel like you made a genuine friend. I mean It gets no more girlfriend experience than that !

Areas you will find me in more than other are Brunswick Ga, Tampa FL, Baltimore Md, Atlanta Ga, Gainesville Ga, Washington Dc and soon San Jose , Ca and Chicago IL. I hope to make your acquaintance when I pass through.


Seductive Storm VIP

The Creation of the King’s Treatment Session

I am sure there will be some hate after I blog this, but I see the term used so often that
I really do need everyone to know where it came from and how.

I think those who follow me, or know me know me to be genuine and honest so trust me I was
in fact the creator of the Kings Treatment service that many now list on their sites and ads.

I coined that phrase back in 2007. I wanted to stand out from the general ,cliche term of GFE
so alas the term Kings Treatment was born! Eventually I’d begin to see other ladies EVERYWHERE use it about a year after I came up with it. I wish I would have Trademarked it lol.

Anyone who knows me from Baltimore of Atlanta will tell you , they truly did see
it first with me, meaning that term.

I wanted to create an experience that was truly a connection. It was to include
wine, a meal, a full body massage and then GFE ( although I do not subscribe to the typical
menu version of GFE for me it means a romantic,genuine connection we share during our time together)

Now I am sure other ladies have taken the term I actually invented and made it their own and I have
no issue with that. I guess I am actually PROUD to have invented a term that supersedes the
typical GFE experience.

I remember when guys used to actually just email me to know what Kings Treatment was because
they honestly hadn’t heard of it.

So here we are 12 yrs after I coined that escort term and I see it even on ladies sites that
I do work for now and I just wanted to smile, and share that it was your own little helper
STORM who actually created that service term..

HAHA .. You’re welcome!

I guess I am happy to have left my mark somehow.. lol

And to the gents!
YES I still offer my King’s Treatment sessions!

Your’s Truly,
Seductive Storm

Sex Work VS. Trafficking Let’s talk about it

I was recently interviewed for a piece on NON trafficked sex workers that worked during the
Super Bowl. It was an honor to speak as a part of the sex work community.  See link for article  

However there was a lot said in my hour long talk with Hallie that did not make it to the interview. I feel I want to share a lot more here because it seems the last month
has been more of the usual, but absurd trafficking propaganda than usual.

First let me state. I have daughters, I have sons. I am anti- trafficking just like  any decent human being is.  If a person is really being put into slavery or forced
to do things against their own free will. I just like you am outraged.

My issue however is with the blurred lines on the subject.

I am a strong active Feminist and one of the problems with “rescuers” are the Feminist groups who do NOT include ALL women! That is wrong! As a true feminist I can tell you it includes all groups of women NOT just supposed morally upstanding , middle class,
wealthy women.

 I mention this because I am tired of seeing, reading and hearing the following:

1. If someone is paying you, it means you are not really having sex of your own free will,
you are only having sex because you were coerced by the money.

2. Being sexy , dressing sexy, dancing sexy is allowing men to use us as sexual objects.

3.  Escorting, is being raped everyday etc etc

Now allow me to counter all those comments :

1.  Don’t most women even in mainstream relationships have sex with their mates out of equal parts, love, lust, and also because its a REQUIREMENT of the relationship? Aren’t we  taught as girls that if we want to keep our man “happy” we need to meet his physical needs?

Do you know how many wives and girlfriends are tired at the end of the day and yet they still
have sex to keep the financial stability , to keep him from cheating ( although that doesn’t really work).
Point is YOU , even you Miss or Mr Rescuer are being USED sexually and mentally by someone
whether you admit it or  not!

2.  Why can’t I as  a grown woman use my sexuality and my looks in anyway I see fit.
Maybe just maybe I like being sexy, maybe I do not get up in the morning thinking ” Hmmm how
is a man going to view how I am dressed” Maybe I get up and I feel pretty in WHATEVER I decide to wear.

Maybe I go out and I like to dance and move sexy because I AM LIVING MY BEST LIFE AND HAVING FUN!
Again I am grown , so what is your issue.? Maybe we all feel sorry for you prudes who are living in some
moral, mental prison of adhering to what men have told you makes you a “good girl” an acceptable lady.
Running through life in your charcoal grey trousers , your mock turtleneck and your mom hair. I am just saying
we could “throw stones ” too if we wanted to.

Why is it wrong for adult men, women, trans , non binary people to USE THEIR BODIES AS THEY SEE FIT?

3.  I assure you escorting is not getting raped everyday. I and others have made a choice to  make our money with our bodies, our time, our personalities as our commodity.  Men and “good girls; Use the term whore to describe any “loose” woman who uses her sexuality as she pleases. SO why then do you all have an issue with
US getting paid for it.  No one seems to care when a poor girl is sleeping with 10 guys a week for free but cant even pay her rent or feed her family. THAT is ok,  that’s the shit that should be illegal.

I proudly ( OTHER than with my partner of ten years who I love and who loves me)  practice STOP

For those not sure what Stop is it’s





Lastly , to round out this weeks idiocy in the world of “End Human Trafficking” “Rescue” propaganda

POLARIS PROJECT  has decided it now wants us all to not meet anyone online..  lmao

Well on dating sites and apps.  I mean because you know .. EVERYONE IS TRAFFICKED.
Grown ups cannot even decide where, and how we meet people anymore…
Some of you must really have miserable, boring lives. I feel bad for you.

Newsflash, anyone , anywhere if they really have the intent can kidnap , hurt, harm and traffic
anyone REGARDLESS of how they met them.  Even a minister can be a pedophile, or worse.
Please when you all really want to help trafficked victims STOP using OVERKILL propaganda 
to push your agenda.  It really only harms  the exact people, the real victims you claim you want to save.

Trafficked victims , REAL ones are stolen from airports, grocery stores, night clubs and hundreds of other
ways besides online.  ONLINE ads and such actually make it easier for LAW ENFORCEMENT TO TRACK AND FIND THE PEOPLE REALLY BEING TRAFFICKED .  If you all keep trying to shut down and shut off everything you make things a playground for the predators who now can hide in the shadows with no electronic trail.

Your logic is simply illogical!!!




Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is enjoying the true beginning of the Holiday season.

I spent my time in Florida last week for a whole week.  While the trip didn’t go as I would have liked business wise , overall I had a wonderful trip and a wonderful time.

I visited the beautiful Naples Florida ( amazingly fun nightlife. The Blue Martini is amazing) and also the Treasure Island area of the Tampa Beaches.  I had some of the best Jamaican food you could imagine  while passing through Tampa.

Next stop was Orlando ,Florida and Kissimmee Florida. I loved my time there as well.   One of my favorite things is a good , and huge Jersey Mikes Italian sub ( I get mine made a special way) and my friend Kristen Lickens got to witness it.

I also enjoyed some great pizza at Giordano’s in Orlando. It was quite tasty.

The ONLY thing I found questionable and had questions about was…

A place called Machine Gun America with the tagline of “Fun for the whole family” ( and they wonder why we have gun issues in America) Only in Florida can kids come and play and use weapons… ( mind blown)

But overall I loved my time in Florida. I go there all the time but usually just for 24 hours to pick my son up and right back , this was my first time staying there for days in quite a few years.

Now its back to real life…

Today I begin cooking my families Thanksgiving feast. I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season!





I may not come back to work in Florida , Oh but I will be back to play and enjoy the area ! ( and to do some more photos lol)

**Side-note: I love when I get to show and remind my haters, doubters and those who would love to see me fail that I have a good life ( for me) and that I am thriving and happy. So to the BOYS not men of Atlanta who like to talk crap, insinuate negative mess, or who have always wanted me to fail. I am growing and glowing… good day!***




Writing from the soul…..

Today’s blog was supposed to be about Sugar Daddy’s but then I decided I wanted to be more vulnerable and speak more from the heart about my journey , my families journey and who I am as a real woman and person.

First anything I share about myself is true. I honestly and genuinely at 8 yrs old was tested as reading at second year college level. I am extremely intelligent but I do have a weakness in math. Not business math or real estate math though I excel in both of those areas. But I seem to panic when confronted with equations and geometry. So I am not perfect but I am extremely confident,intelligent
and compassionate.

Last weeks threats towards my family just made me realize even more how very important they are to me.
Some people need degrees, accolades and other momentous things to feel accomplished. I will be the first to  admit that had I have not fallen in love w boys, and fallen off my academics in my late teen years that I too
would definitely have been one of those people.

I attended gifted and talented art programs and acquired every award possible for academics and art from ages of 5 yrs to 17 yrs, when my romantic ideas of life and love took over. The only regret I have is that people did not get to see me  be the true academic scholar I could have been.

But alas, I chose love, my children over everything else.
I became a mother at the age of 18 for the first time. I did attend college for 2 yrs. I did get a real estate license years later and I did get nursing assistant certification. But my original life path was to be a fashion designer. I groomed myself for it since 3rd grade. That is my only regret , that I did not achieve that goal. BUT as for accomplishments …..

My children are my accomplishments.
They are the GREATEST creations, greatest things I could have created . They are all beautiful ( Like no really they are everyone always compliments me on the genetics lol) but they are all also different and have issues as all young people do who are coming into their own. I am a mother who recognizes that her children have good points and bad points.
I am also a mother who loves them from the bottom of her very being.

Did you know I began this escort journey at the end of my marriage years ago? Originally just to be able to pay lawyers but then I realized how much time I had missed working 16 hour shifts in nursing. Being an escort allowed me so much more time to take care of my family. To basically be a stay at home mom, but with a much better income. I have no regrets or shame regarding that.
The public and the moral orals can say what they wish BUT what I became , who I am , made me a MUCH better mother than I ever would have been had I of continued always being a slave to medical corporations and never being home with my family.

Every thing I have ever done, has been to be there for my family.

Finally over the last year my web design business has grown and I now have a different primary way of providing for them. This year I got to make sure my kids enjoyed every experience they could, even a vacation and a pool at our home just for them.
I don’t miss holidays…. it’s beginning to feel like a wonderful life again…

To anyone reading this who has doubts that women like me can be good mothers, great mothers, YOU ARE WRONG..
We are some of the best, most dedicated, selfless mothers you could ever meet. Versus the mother who hates her life, hates her job gets very little rest, and comes home irritated and angry only to take it out on her children. I am blessed that I have enjoyed my life, my journey. It has had very bad moments , my own life has BUT even when we struggled, even when we didn’t have much…
My kids have always known and felt extreme love and sacrifice from their mother.

I am proud of myself as a woman, I am proud of myself as a companion, I am proud of myself the most as a mother.

And that is something I will always protect.

Thank you for reading and taking time to get to know me.

If you want to spend time with a companion with character, maturity who knows what real life is and understands the need to escape it..

contact me anytime.


For Clients , how to avoid being scammed!

Helpful hints for gentlemen to avoid scams.

In light of all of this I wanted to offer some helpful hints to the guys

1. If you prepay for an appointment and the provider tries to contact you and you just do  not ever follow thru, or if you and the companion cannot get along but its not due to her,Then she didn’t scam you and the payment is for her time and troubles dealing w your bad
client behavior.

2. If a companion is listed in several states, cities and countries and DOES NOT HAVE A REPUTATION
be very careful. Now, some of us do travel, and do advertise in several places but in those cases there is
usually a trail and proof that people have actually met us in those places. WE usually have some way
of you communicating and clarifying things. If the provider posts in multiple cities, states and countries

3. If you look at her pics and they are all cropped or blurred ( NOW PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE
but be careful and pay attention . Do all the pics look like the same person or do you notice things if you really look
like a different jawline, different hair, different body markings, different body types .. if the pics appear like
they may not all be of the same person and you cannot see the face.. do some online research and comparisons.
Again nothing wrong with cropping and blurring BUT pay careful attention to if the bodies are the same. Pay close
attention to the areas of the face that are not blurred. If you look in most cases you can still tell if someone is who
they say or if they are using several different people pics.

4. How easy is communication? Is the companion forthcoming and easily reached ? Not necessarily by phone, but  just in general or is she simply very very quick to push you to send her money with no build up of rapport.

Just be careful guys .. learn to really look before you leap . BUT by the same token DO NOT LABEL things caused by
you the gent as a scam. A scam is someone deliberately being dishonest with no intent of ever meeting you.

Have a nice day!

Hope to meet some of you on my upcoming trips!