Special Announcements




The Superbowl is in Atlanta this year!! Feb 3rd to be exact although
I am sure you football fans must already know that.

I live as you all know in Gainesville Ga about 1 hour north of Atlanta.
Unfortunately the hotels directly in ATL were full and the other options in town
are up to amounts of thousands of dollars to rent for the weekend.

BUT all is not lost I have been able to book for Marietta , GA about 30 min from
the game and accessible by the bus system although limited. But if you find
you cannot drive to my incall that weekend Uber or a taxi shouldn’t be too bad for you.

I will NOT be working the exact hours of the game ( I like to watch w family )
BUT I will be available before and after and in that area for 2 days.


PREBOOK by JAN 15TH and get and additional 30 min on your session w me.

PREBOOK and pay deposit by JAN 15TH and get 1 hour of social time added ( for a meal and wine)

MY rates and packages in their easiest form for reading can be found at

Easy Read Donation List

EMAIL me as well seductive.storm80@gmail.com

screening will be required!!! ( please be a gentleman and willingly supply info I request to make sure I
feel safe and comfortable)



After years of escorting, I will still be available for about one more year. My Seductive Storm profile will still over hour and 90 min outings etc.

BUT I am rebranding and my new persona and rebrand will be more geared specifically to truly upscale men seeking a travel companion , overnights and
weekend getaways. I enjoy these kind of dates more so I have decided it is the best choice for me and for my finances.

UNTIL that rebrand occurs in the next 2 mos… I am offering some wonderful specials on my multi hour options. THEY will however require
24 hour notice or atleast 12 hour notice. I am not able to book long dates or travel without enough notice. Actually please give 2 days notice on travel dates.

SO from 10/16/2018 till Dec 1, 2018
OVERNIGHT SPECIAL ( 6 hour overnight 800)
10 hour overnight 1,000

These dates require some out of room or home time of course, like movies, dinner, dancing . I do not just expect to be stuck in your home or room for the whole duration. I expect to be treated like a lady and to be wined, dined and treated with the respect I am deserving of.

Screening is required.
Get to booking your overnight time w me now or even an extended day date , before the overnight rates go up!
( these are lower than my current overnight rates already)

Seductive Storm

Storm’s Summer 2018

Wow, what a summer it has been. My web design business and assisting business has kept me afloat and I am looking forward to what fall and winter bring in my escort  business ventures.


I wanted to share some pics from my family vacation I went on recently back home to Maryland. We vacationed for a week in Ocean City. We enjoyed some of my best childhood memory foods, from blue shell crabs, to Dough Roller pizza,  to Thrashers fries.


It was amazing and  I wanted to drop in to say thanks to anyone, everyone who
helped make it possible.





Memorial Day Weekend

I will have some limited availability Memorial weekend. It is suggested that you pre-book if you’d like to see me this weekend. Like you I do have a family and would like to enjoy some of the holiday.


Weekdays Thurs and Friday Hours
9 am till 9 pm
Weekend prebook or check for hours.


Heres a few candid pics to keep you interested.



Findom and Femdom

I have been providing Domination services since I first began escorting as quite a few men in the Washington DC area are into that kink. Within my first 6 mos of escorting I had some very interesting meetings. Honestly, for my personality they are the best fit. I am naturally ALPHA , naturally disobedient and not to be tamed. I once had a client however who was into Dominating me and thats the only client I ever did it for. He was quite wealthy so it made sense. I often wonder where he is. He literally would leave his business he owned and travel the world spending months on end in different places with his subs.

But I much prefer and am better suited to Domineering. Most people understand ( or atleast on some basic principles fetishes) Most people have heard of and can atleast try to understand Foot Fetish, body worship, verbal humiliation and forced feminization and cross- dressing.
Many still have small minds and insult or put down or laugh at what they cannot understand, but that is their loss. The world becomes quite interesting when you loosen up a bit. I get great pleasure and joy out of controlling people. I always have and particularly men since they normally have the Patriarchy on their side. I get an sinister evil pleasure out of telling men what I want, how I want it. Out of whipping and spanking them. Out of having them tremble and get aroused at my every order. It is absolutely exhilarating to take control from them. So for those other ladies who think those of us in the world of Femdomme and Findom or Foot Mistresses are weirdos and that are clients are as well, I am here to tell you we are not. I do understand it is not for everyone.

The least understood part of the lifestyle I think is Findom. So many people like to say we
are scamming and scheming men and women out of money. NO! You are wrong. These people are usually people who are normally very in control of everything. Who have the finances to feed their kink, their need. YES I SAID IT THEIR NEED. They need to give away their money. They NEED to serve beautiful women. That is why they seek us out in the beginning. Both their mental and physical arousal comes from allowing their Findom Mistress to drain them. They literally feel almost as though their self worth and validation is dependent upon pleasing the Findom they are owned by, that they worship. I enjoy controlling and taking and paypigs enjoy having their wallets drained. That is what it is supposed to be. Lately I find that people who say they want to partake in being paypigs and getting drained have a misconception that a Findom Mistress owes them something in return. I DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING IN RETURN , in fact the idea that you have the nerve to expect anything from your Mistress is insanity.

You are to serve ME!
My duty is not to serve you! IF I choose to reward you, I will but you will NOT demand it.
I decide when I want to give you my attention and that is if ever. What you can depend on is me exciting you, me sternly keeping you in line, on your knees, doing whatever I say to do. Pleasing me with what I EXPECT as Tribute. If you expect to gain my attention… EARN IT. Do not come into my DM’S or emaisl expecting me to acknowledge you when you know as a FEMDOMME Tribute is required first.

Your duty and job as a SUBMISSIVE, is to do what you are told. You are never ever to give me a list
of your expectations. What you are allowed to expect is to be obedient!

If you are truly ready to submit and to venture to the darker side of your soul contact me!

New Findom/Femdomme site coming very very soon and some dark sexy photos too!



Hello guys, its 4/2/2018 and beginning tomorrow I will have a friend visiting at my home.

Notice especially with all the new Fosta/Sesta laws THE YOUNG LADY DOES NOT WORK FOR OR UNDER ME.  I am only helping her get used to and learn the ropes of Georgia.

So here she is  Jala Dixon…

These rates are non negotiable

100 for 30 min

200 for an hour

longer sessions are available IF you can pick her up and host at your place.

She is only in town for one week each month.

*screening is required and will NOT be skipped*

Shes a beautiful, younger Ebony BBW companion.

Meet Jala Dixon https://jaladixonbbw.blogspot.de/p/gallery.html