SEMI-RETIRED, What that means for you, My Gentlemen Clients



What that means for me, and for you ( the client)

For me, In my life semi-retired means I have reached a point where I am extremely selective in who I am going to spend time with and also in when I spend time with them.

I have been approaching this point for months and actually began this in August 2019 I just didn’t publicly state it.

Lots of it for me has to do with the horrible Atlanta Market. The market in Atlanta has gone down hill and for me personally I will only see GENEROUS , truly generous gents in Atlanta. I do not see the point really in over advertising and wasting money in the Atlanta market. Sorry no disrespect guys, it just is what it is.

I however do travel once in a while and also love Fly Me to You. So from now on UNLESS ITS A MULTI HOUR BOOKING IN ATLANTA,
I will only be entertaining when I travel or if someone Fly’s Me to Them.

I feel this is the best way for me to do things currently. If I decide to change that I will let you know. But for now my main focus is my Web Design and my Assisting company that allows me to help other sex workers.

If you are an Atlanta gentleman and you would really like to meet me..
Be prepared to agree to a 2 hour or longer session and to screen and be a complete gentlemen.

All other gents in cities you can find listed in my sites… feel free to reach out. And I am even open to coming to places I may not have listed. Just be aware deposits and/or you covering travel in addition to my fees are expected.

I look forward to my evolution. Its not over, it’s just DIFFERENT now!

Hoping to meet you soon!


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