New Group for Virtual Support and Learning! We can do it Sex Workers!

Welcome to learning and support for entering Virtual Services during COVID!

After thinking last night, ( wine is great for late night thinking lol… ) I decided that while these groups are great and I will keep them … I think some of us are busy bees and meeting once a week to discuss how we are doing and to offer tips and ask questions of each other on ZOOM is a great idea. I know they had a security issue but since it’s not illegal to discuss virtual services or even to support each other and as long as you do not use your real name to register for it… we should be good. Mine is registered as Storm Fields lol. I use it to do the watch parties with celebs when they offer them.  So I was thinking we can do Zoom meetings Thursdays at 7pm EST. If thats not a good time I am open to suggestions.

You all know me and know I always want to be helpful.
I decided since I too am new to the world of virtual sales we could learn together in a safe online setting.

So I created 2 channels(groups)
Online via discord and Telegram.
You can put either app on your phone or discord on your PC.

I will be offering tips on web design to create full non third party virtual offerings sites, graphics,,filters. I CAN ALSO do those things for you and we can privately discuss pricing if you cannot afford my usual service pricing due to pandemic.

I want to find 2 or 3 sex workers who are pros at virtual work to join and teach us all the game and how to win it.

So I am the Tech mentor and need to get other sex workers to mentor all of us on Onlyfans, and other virtual sites.

It’s a safe place, any drama will get you removed. Kindness is key.

I’ll send the invite links and all you have to do is verify your’e an actual provider and well go from there.

Or you an sign on here using these links.




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