Need help with marketing and Web for Virtual Content/Services (Group Opening)

Update : Also shared with 3 Telegraph group admins, so they can share if they so choose. 

“Not trying to get kicked out of any of the rooms …
I am not great yet and growing followers as I am still learning the ropes of virtual entertaining after being an in person escort since 2001.
But I do have a tech skill set and own and operate a web design, marketing, assistant and mentorship company for sex workers
I’m going to create a discord and telegraph group JUST for answering questions on flyer design, creating your won personal owned content sites and support for those of us getting used to the changes of going virtual.
I’d love for you to share this in your group but understand if you don’t as well. The groups will open this coming week. I’d also love to have input and mentors on board who are experts at virtual, onlyfans etc to help others with that too.
Thanks for your time.”

Ahh the new world of Virtual Content!

While Onlyfans, ManyVids etc may not be new to some it’s truly new uncharted territory for many, including myself.

So I will say the biggest thing I have learned is a new respect for just how hard it is to work that way.

The amount of content and time, patience and energy it requires is extreme.

Those of us used to just posting ads, and relying on Google SEO and our sites and only needing to shoot pics or videos once every 3 mos were in for quite a shock.

While I did join several online virtual sales sites, Me being the bossy chick I am also created a site where I control my sales and my content. It is MINE!

I am still working on making it truly easy for myself and gents to use one payment system but overall, it is really awesome and I am happy with the work I did.

I have pay me buttons that link to my cashapp right now.

BUT I am definitely , when I can afford it going to streamline to an adult payment processor.

Here’s a link for the best ones to choose from if you decide to go that route

What Payment Processor Will Accept My Adult Business

There are varying ways of getting paid and I am always happy to explain.

I belong to some promotion groups on Telegraph and I am noticing more and more that so many ladies don’t even know what Promo/marketing Flyers are etc.

I as you know own and operate a web design, graphics and assistant company and if you do not have the time or knowledge to do those things yourself I can help with those… of course for a fee.

I do also offer mentorship where its more hands on tips and teaching for $100.

OR if its just a few simple questions that can be answered in one email, I am happy to answer those for free.

Time is money, so just depends on how much of my time I use up.

I am not a virtual expert besides the marketing, and web sites etc… BUT I do belong to groups with some nice ladies that are and I want to begin a discord group and maybe also a telegraph too.. where I can help with all things as far as bundling your online virtual services into a beautifully packaged business while you can also get tips on the in and outs of making and getting a good following like some of the “greats” have.

I will work on creating those groups this weekend and the links will then be available on this blog and also on my virtual site.

It’s a new world for now … let’s get through it together!

My own virtual site.



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