My Daughter (30 yr old) Graduates March 30th

Hello Fellow Community

As I have mentioned several times over the last month or 2 my 30 yr old daughters graduation is March 30th. I am still way short on what Id like to have to make the occasion great.

This is really and truly important and I am not expecting handouts or charity. I am truly and simply seeking more work assignments to afford me the ability to make it great for her.

My other money that I make as I am sure many of you can relate to already goes to keeping my business afloat and to providing for my younger kids and my monthly expenses like rent etc. Its been a much slower year than usual and MAINLY because men just simply don’t want to screen and for me lightning up on my screening procedure is NOT an option.

So if you need Seo, a website, an assistant for booking and safety or branding help and services….





Cashapp , Venmo and other payment options are available

email me at or for information on my business sites.

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