Let’s settle this debate about Taken By Storm Web Designs

I did an interview today with Athlete Burner of the 99 Problems but a Pod Ain’t One Podcast.

He posed a question that I hadn’t realized was still even a thing on Twitter.. but I wanted to clear this up for any of you that may not be listeners of his or my podcast ( Straight Talk W Storm Podcast).

About a week or two ago, I expressed my feelings on a retweet I’d seen of some numbers concerning COVID-19.

At this point another provider disagreed with me. I won’t mention her name because I’m not going to give out any free publicity..but we should be able to disagree without it becoming insane.

She kept going and going at which point I blocked her.. because we are in the middle of a Pandemic and I am not about to argue back and forth with someone when I know what I know and when I worked in Medical for 5 years and stay well read on certain medical topics of interest.

At any rate once I blocked her there she came into the sexworker Reddit messenger.. to tell me .. ” I am a weirdo and that I should go back to healthcare work because the websites I design for ladies aren’t worth what I charge”.

FIRST: Me and my partner don’t just provide basic template sites.( Unless that is requested) but every site we do even if in WordPress is custom. In wordpress we use Elementor Pro and create custom layouts etc. And my partner even does CUSTOM CODED, NO TEMPLATE ALL STRAIGHT CODE FROM THE GROUND OUT, WITH MOTION GRAPHICS ETC, type work!!

So I assure you the pricing is fair. Some of you are charging 600-800 for WIX AND SQUARESPACE WORK which definitely is more than it should be in SOME , I say some cases. Because with Squarespace you can get more intricate now than you used to be able to .. BUT in Wix no one should charge some of the amounts I see being charged.

Some of you do not understand the tech side of web design and even those of you who do .. often may not be familiar with how to edit or update in Elementor which is what we use.

When a customer wishes to do their own edits, They are provided their admin login info and are also sent TWO links to watch and learn how to use Elementor. They are also warned that yes if they wreck the site they are charged a rebuild fee.

Some of you do not understand the amount of work and time it takes to make sure a site looks good and is functional on both mobile and desktop. Some of you do edits yourself to sites after they are released to you and CHANGE THE WORK THAT ME AND MY PARTNER ACTUALLY GAVE YOU AS A FINISHED SITE. So just because you see my business name on a site doesn’t mean that ALL the work in it is as it was when it was released to the owner.

MY reputation is solid. I can admit to about 3 customers OUT OF OVER 50 who we just were not able to please. That’s one hell of a success rate. We may have done more sites than that honestly I’ve lost count.

I have customers who I have done civvie business sites for as well through my VANILLA WEB DESIGN COMPANY.

Our work and our prices are REASONABLE.

The person who began this shit show is someone I have NEVER done any work for.

And to be honest we find the only people who get frustrated or have negative things to say are those that want and demand attention “RIGHT NOW , RIGHT NOW” OR THOSE WHO WANT TO DO THEIR OWN EDITS BUT WON’T TAKE THE TIME TO STUDY THE MATERIAL WE SEND TO HELP THEM WITH IT!!!

I cannot always speak to customers on the phone right when they want it. I have to schedule calls as I am usually busy with other aspects of business. I also cannot force you to learn Elementor for WordPress if you won’t try.

SO be clear. The issue did not stem from any work we did for said person ever. And any issues others have had.. a resolution was attempted and I am sure from me or my partner in more than one manner before parting ways with a customer.

I hope this clears up and thoughts and concerns you may have had after whatever shit show happened online.

I have too much going on to go back and forth with negativity so I had not seen it myself.

Please everyone stay safe and if seeking web design or assistant or mentorship, feel free to hit me up.

I am honest, genuine and you can expect nothing short of the truth from me.



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