Ladies and Gents, I present to you… some Straight Talk!!!

Man, I hadn’t blogged anything in a bit because I’d been focusing on growing my podcast.

But the ridiculous harassment of other companions by companions and their minions is out of control.

Look good folks…
We don’t have to agree with each other( remember what you eat wont make others shit)

But..we should definitely agree to disagree as adults without bashing or harassing each other.

We are actually verbally beating the hell out of each other online for the following reasons (just read these topics and you’ll see how crazy it is)

1. Sex workers and love relationships
2. Screening and its importance.
3. Fair treatment by companions and clients of black providers and BBW providers.
4. Empathy and compassion and treating those who need help REGARDLESS OF WHY AS HUMANS NOT TRASH!
5. What service professionals ..web designers and photographers charge.
6. What people spend THEIR OWN MONEY ON!!

Every last topic on that list is up to the individual…

I believe everyone should screen, but hey if you want to be reckless and not screen and then blame it on “privilege” do you sis! But stop trying to convince others that the reason they are struggling is because they screen..
I assure you it goes much deeper than that. Let’s examine the whole issue instead of blaming it all on screening. There are many black and BBW providers who screen and make it work.

Again’d don’t want to screen don’t that’s on you but don’t make excuses for not doing it.

I already blogged on the love and relationships topic so we can skip that..

Next up… arguing over what people pay for an when. Look as long as they aren’t creating Go Fund me pages or taking free non worked for money to pay for their Honey Birdette,vacations, hobbies, vices whatever and are able to still maintain their rent,mortgages ,bills and provide for their families …GUESS WHAT?!

SIT your jaded ass down and mind your business.

Everyone’s life goals are NOT the same…and everyone does NOT measure success the same way.

Yes We should want to own properties,make investments ,pay tuition..we should…

But sometimes even when we want those things we find that what we really want is something else,…what really makes them happy is something else.

Some of us are older and missed for various reasons the window of most likely opportunity in our youth so now we just want to live, be happy and get what we want and enjoy our families and check things off our bucket list.

Do I wish I’d of done some things differently YES…but guess what..I won’t cry over spilled milk and what could have been. I’m happy and living an enjoyable life now.

And I don’t have to make anyone else, besides my family happy while doing it.

My advice to those of you always mad and in an upheaval when others post photos of their vacations, expensive handbags and shoes, the gifts they’ve received…

If someone’s feed disturbs you that much….
If you cannot be human enough to applaud someone else winning…

Then block or mute them ..
We won’t miss you, I promise.

And I and others are often not the snobs etc you assume us to be. Anyone will tell you I speak to and try to help sex workers of all levels. Now maybe some ladies don’t…but I do!

I could never be angry at someone else doing well. It doesn’t make sense to me. Also and this is reality..if a person has true self love and confidence they do NOT have to tear other people down to build themselves up. I do NOT see any of you as competition. I’m too busy competing with MYSELF to care what others are doing.

I’m too busy trying to build my business and build my profit margin for myself and my family to waste time bickering over things that aren’t my business.

Some of you pretend to be so full of confidence and to be doing big things ..but your interaction with and towards others is so ugly that it shows the opposite. It comes through as you being a miserable person who wants to keep others down..


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I hope I’ve enlightened some of you on this weekend.


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