I market to exactly who I want to meet!

Evening Gents,

I wanted to find a way to politely speak on this…
( you know because I really am nice, fun, friendly regardless of prior notions, lol)

I see once and a while comments regarding me. Such as “why pay her high ass rate when
I can get younger with a stripper (banging body)?

I have answered this before but let me politely explain again. I market myself to mature men
seeking the following:

1. A mature companion
2. An intelligent companion
3. A companion who is beautiful inside and out
4. Men who love ALL shapes and sizes of beautiful classy women.
5. Men who love more bounce to the ounce.

If none of those are you , my loves … then you were not my market anyway!

I am beautiful and worth every penny and QUALITY clients know and respect it.

I am sorry if we aren’t a good fit ( Really I am not, lol after all can’t please everyone) But I am sorry
that you cannot be mature enough to simply skip an ad that doesn’t interest you and save us both time and

I have enough self love, self joy and confidence… that men ( real men ) will appreciate it and screen and
pay my required fee without the BS.

That is all .. have a great upcoming weekend!


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