Hot topics for BOTH clients and companions

Hello fellow sex workers and clients!

While this article, blog entry covers mainly the Atlanta market as that has been my base for the last 10 yrs, I am sure you will see things that you can relate to no matter where you are.

First I’ll begin with the clients and then I’ll discuss provider behavior.


1. Please stop trying to avoid screening! I have explained this so many times for at least 5 years now but let me explain again. No one is trying to give or share your info with anyone. We are simply trying to ensure our safety as providers. Do you all know more executive men, with lots of prestige screen without having to be scolded or begged to do so? It is always the average Joe with ideas of grandeur who feels he is too entitled, too important to screen. I promise you we are sick to death of hearing what you have to
lose! We have our lives, homes, freedom, to lose. Oh and surprise plenty of us have other jobs, families JUST LIKE YOU! Please understand that we cannot give you a good time IF we do not feel assured of our safety. If I feel safe, I can relax. If I can relax I can help you relax. Its simple really.

2. Stop requesting rates and/or services you do not see on her ad or website. Please stop this! Do not contact a companion and try to low ball her. If her rate says 300 do not contact and say “I have 150 , its better than nothing”. That shit is disrespectful and shows you are not a gentleman. Our rates are our rates for a reason. This is a business! You cannot go to McDonalds, your hairdresser, your attorney or Doctor and TELL them what you are going to
pay them! Please treat our business with the same understanding and respect. IT IS A BUSINESS, please understand that. Also you should NEVER contact a companion and ask about services period! It can get both you and the companion in a lot  of legal trouble and it always, always usually make a companion of caliber uncomfortable and awkward feeling. We are
paid for our time with you, not a menu list. Anything you need to know is on her website , TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT! Lastly do not ask about greek, bbbj , cim etc if you DO NOT SEE ANYTHING OF THAT NATURE MENTIONED ON HER SITE OR AD. If you do not see it then its probably not an option and if it is again its probably eluded  to or on her site.
I suppose you could look at her reviews BUT I personally think reviews are bad news… which leads me to….

3. Men stop depending on other men to judge and tell you what your experience with a lady will be. UNLESS she is a rip off,
a robber, a scam artist or harmed you there is NO reason to kiss and tell. Review culture to me is truly like high school locker room bs. Let me give you a real and rational reason of why its a very flawed system. Men misuse it when they can’t see some girls or when their advances are not met with the admiration they thought they were going to get. Reviews have become a way
to lash out and harm ladies business more so than a REAL idea of how a date went. Some of the great reviews you see, were bought and paid for
or they were given in exchange for some type of agreement between the provider and the gent. So again its not REAL or necessarily fact.
The most important reason to ditch the review system is,it allows you all to see us as a commodity , less than human. We are people not items.
Each man is different, has different needs . Sure the needs may be similar but on a mental level and personality level there will be small differences in each case. Therefore no matter how hard a companion tries no two dates she has will be EXACTLY the same. So you reading what I did, or any other provider did with John,Rick or Tom will not really prove what you and I will be like once we meet. Lots of bad reviews are from bad match ups. Most of this occurs because MEN DO NOT READ OUR WEBSITES! If you take the time to
read our websites, our blogs, our social media you will have a MUCH clearer idea of who we are and if we will be a good fit for each other!
SO honestly if you want to have the BEST EXPERIENCE you should READ in full a ladies site, and social media and then you’ll really
already have a feel for her. You should introduce yourself with manners, screen and be a true gentleman and then we will treat you like a king!



Ok let me begin by saying this, this is NOT about whorearchy or picking on anyone! I have been UP and I have certainly struggled and been down. So I know all ends. However even when I was down, at my lowest I still carried myself w class, grace and self respect.

So lets get to the shits… lol

1. Ladies, ladies, ladies, hell even transgendered and male companions. I know the market is slower than normal right now. I know some are really really struggling and about to lose everything but for the love of GOD and man, PLEASE stop putting it  all out there. Meaning please stop blinding me and others with vaginas and penises and exposed anus at every other click on
every ad site. If you want to use those things as marketing tools the correct way is with Onlyfans, Iwantclips etc. Sell those images privately BUT stop covering all the ad sites with them. Less is truly more sometimes! Upscale gents are more curious and pay  more attention to ads and websites where there is a level of class and maturity shown. I have NEVER posted an open legged vagina pic ever. Like never! I have kept it classy even when losing a home, even when living in a hotel. No matter what I was going through…
I KEPT IT CLASSY. I maintained my dignity. Even the times I had to place ads looking for help , that felt more dignified to me than posing with my cooch exposed on every site I could find. In those times when I did have to seek out help in dire times even then the gentlemen that helped me mentioned how classy I was. They treated me with respect. Some with so much respect they didn’t even engage in more than a simple massage or meal with me. But to make my point. You should not have to display all you have WIDE to the world
just to get clients and coins.

2. Please stop with the super over the top explicit and graphic ad titles and ad text! I know some of you have managers and pimps
and have no control of your own marketing. I am not talking to you. I wish I could show you a better , safer way, but I am not talking to you.
BUT to those I am talking to.. There is no need at all for”All 3 wet holes for a good price” ( why are you mentioning acts and money together smh)
There is also no need for things like “Come get this good head and this gushy pussy”! Ladies WHY?!?! I am really trying to understand.
In most cases presenting yourself that way will only get you the men who want to pay 40,60,100 . The guys with maturity and the real money
are probably not going to contact you. If you want upscale clients then you have to behave in an upscale fashion. EVEN if you don’t care and money
is money to you.. AGAIN its about your dignity and self respect which you should always want to maintain. Hell when I had hard times years back and had
to ask for help or offer really low rates in emergencies I STILL CARRIED AND PRESENTED MY IMAGE WITH dignity and class , that’s all I am sayin!

I know things are hard, slow and everyone is scrambling and it is easier to get clients if you are lax on screening . However, it can lead
to your arrest, your death, you being robbed, you being kidnapped and truly trafficked. MAKE SCREENING NORMAL ACROSS THE BOARD.
I know again some of you do not control your own situation so there isn’t much you can do in that situation BUT I urge and suggest you
escape being under a pimp and at least go work for a safe, reputable agency where they do screen if you really need to work under someone to be

4. This is really important. Let’s get back to being supportive and watching out for each other. I have never seen so much in fighting, and
bickering online as I have lately among other companions. The whole world is already against us. Do you really think it’s a good idea
to be at each other’s throats all the time? The answer is No. If you can’t or don’t get along with someone be an adult and don’t engage with them.
Instead take the energy and time you are putting into them and make your brand, your pics, your online persona and business better!

That’s all for today!

Much love,


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