Happy Mothers Day 2019

I am away and normally I wouldn’t even be online. But I wanted to take a moment to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the other Bad Ass sex worker’s out there who do this job for several reasons, several of us to take care of our families or to put ourselves through school. Whatever your reason is congrats to us all for surviving this thing called life and doing it on our own terms!

So back in March my oldest daughter graduated college and I got her B2K tickets for the Miami show so me her and my youngest daughter could also have a short mini vacay in Miami that weekend. Well my oldest and I had a spat and up until yesterday when she finally called to apologize and all was made well, hadn’t spoken in about 3 weeks so she did not make the trip. I decided not to ruin my Mother’s Day and to also not ruin it for my youngest daughter so we still continued our plans. We will see B2K tonight.  I also was able to brighten the day of a young single mom I met at the bus station by gifting her the extra ticket, so that was nice.

We have been staying at a very nice hotel and also got to see South Beach.I enjoyed myself so much but in a kid friendly way.  I will be returning soon though, I promise just to enjoy it and the clubs child free. Yes!! even in my late 40’s I enjoy having lots of fun and clubbing it up.  ( I am not dead yet ) lol.

So on this Mothers Day I am so grateful to all my Web Design clients, my SEO clients, my assistant clients who without them most of the wonderful moments in my life wouldn’t be possible. YES I am still a low volume , semi-retired companion also but the largest portion of my finances comes from the wonderful other sex workers who allow me to help them and provide services for them.  I just wanted to say I am grateful.


Here’s a few photos of our time in Miami again, I am grateful and thanks!

The top left corner pic is the Historical Versace Mansion although that is not what it is called any more. Beautiful nonetheless..





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