Great time with Tank and Full Service Podcast

Tonight I participated in the Full Service Podcast by Tank ( a stand up comedian from NC now residing in Atlanta)

We shared a lovely car ride and chat as well as some sandwiches from Jimmy Johns.

It was awesome chatting with an open minded non misogynistic hobbyist.  He actually began his podcast to educate others on their misconceptions of sexwork!

His podcast launches this Fall so be checking for it. You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram.

Per usual y’all know I am very very straight up and so my podcast May rub some folks the wrong way BUT we gotta be straight shooters sometimes and just speak truth. My intent in the upcoming podcast was definitely NOT to offend anyone and when the podcast is released you’ll hear me state that several times lol, BUT I do speak my truth!

So when Tank releases it , give it a listen! Until then here’s some pics from yesterday…



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