Goodbye Summer 2019 ( well it will officially end this weekend w BBQ)

So thank you to everyone ( as always) who was kind enough to use Taken By Storm now, past or future)
After Banking hell, several personal family issues and just well blending of personalities ( sometimes by force lol)
we were able to make  it to Great Wolf Lodge and share a few days together.

Our Family trip in August is our official end to Summer for us. My oldest daughter and her son were not able to come, and I am
not very happy about that and am not sure where my relationship with her is after she sat out something she knows
was super important to me( I only get to see everyone all at one time once a year) but she is my child and hopefully she
gets her life and her act together soon!

Now I am back home and my Psoriasis on my feet has returned so treating that for the next few days. I need to clean my own pool
so my 4 yr old granddaughter who’s at mom mom’s house for the first time can swim with me here this week. I guess pain and all I
will hopefully figure that out by Tuesday while we still have some warm weather.

What did everyone else do this summer?
I’d love to hear everyone and see your Vacation pics….

Here’s a few of ours ( kids faces blurred to protect them)

Well Happy Autumn  I guess soon….



Enjoy the pics!

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