Gift Requests and the “PICK ME!” Club…

What are we doing?
Again…What are you doing?

Some of you have way too much time on your hands. And instead of using that time to figure out how to build your business, improve or redo your brand, you’ve decided to throw other companions under the bus at every turn in Hope’s of ensuring you are chosen.

Lol, first let me as someone who’s stayed around 18 plus years now let you know…

That is NOT the key to staying power or longevity in this industry. Karma comes faster in sex work than you could ever imagine. And especially so with the ability to use the internet as a weapon.

The very same ladies you are shading with your tweets that you hope will get you more clients…are the same ladies that will alienate you and cast you out.

Now for us Vintage companions…(Ha I so wanted to use that word..vintage lol)
We are at a point of reputation where we can say our peace, speak out minds and most will not suffer too many consequences. That’s the we can move different.

But you younger ladies, or ladies who are new to the industry regardless of age do not have that same luxury. Remember that before you burn out quickly from the isolation and distrust you are building within your community.

You are giving opinions on things…
Speaking on things that your 1 to 5 years in the industry don’t give you enough experience to do.

Everyone does well their first 5 years so don’t get ahead of yourself. The real test comes later.

Are the men going to find you intriguing, beguiling and sensual even as you age? Can you mentally intrigue and hold them captive with your presence? Can you do it without insulting your fellow sex workers?

Yes I know its SLOW for most.
Yes I know Fosta Sesta really took away a lot of sites we’d normally use for our livelihood.
I get it ladies, shits tough.

But ..we must remain empowered and we must give that power to each other.

Yes we should provide excellent customer service and care at a reasonable level to our clients. But NEVER should we place the strength and happiness of clients ABOVE the happiness of ourselves or other providers!! Have some strength. Just because your client is a client who’s already paying you DOES NOT MEAN he is exempt from behaving as a proper suitor. A proper gentleman suitor ALWAYS brings his conquest a gift…Does he not?

Men know ,or they should that they are respected and treated better when in addition to the donation they also gift their companion. It is the way the female mind works, In or out of sex work.  Being gifted is part of our love or in this case “like” language. I don’t make the rules it’s just how our minds work.

I love BUYING my own things, I don’t expect a man to take care of me and prefer they don’t BUT don’t get that confused with I don’t want or deserve to be spoiled or to receive gifts. Trust me all hell breaks loose at my house when I am not gifted by my life partner.  And when all hell breaks loose he has to buy even more gifts to make up for his mistake. In the old expression.. “if you don’t know you betta ask somebody”. Point is every woman including me.. WANTS GIFTS.

With that said, I am sure we don’t blacklist or turn away those who don’t gift. I’m sure because our own business reputation depends on it..that we treat them well. But here is what I am definitely sure of…

So I guess a client needs to figure out does he want to stand out and build and grow a special “business relationship” with his companion or is he happy with being BASIC.

And those are facts!

To the ladies being about as pick me as I’ve ever seen and telling us all to stop asking for gifts…..

Why would we stop? It’s one of the perks of this business. We get gifted and we have a wide open platform of websites and social media and online stores to guide men and let them know what we want. I want what I want otherwise he has wasted his money and I have a gift I am likely to not use. That makes no sense.

So here’s the point.

If you’re a guy who cannot afford to get the gifts you see us posting. You can still come for an one will stop you. Gifts are appreciated but not expected..BUT THEY MAKE YOU STAND OUT.

Or you can WOW your companion and save up and get her the gift or gifts shes asked for on her site or wherever..

That’s how you make an impression. Even if you send her the gift a month or two after your meeting..she’ll know you appreciated your experience with her.

Ladies who are against asking for gifts..

Don’t ask for them if you don’t want them.
BUT don’t be a hypocrite and say to others to not ask for gifts when YOU have a gift list on your own website. Like really?

That’s how we know it was truly a Twitter pick me moment.

I think most men like a woman who has high expectations and knows what she wants..LET ME REPHRASE…MOST REAL GENTLEMEN…worth seeing!

Ladies you do not have to wipe their noses and give them boo boo kisses. These are grown men. We’re not going to stop asking for what we want as women simply because some dude feels bad or uncomfortable.

There are providers he can go see who have lower expectations. Perhaps that’s who they should go see. I’m not lowering my standards to fit every complaining guy.

It’s simple..there are all kinds of companions, price points, service points. He should pic who fits his situation. Not pick his dream companion but then want to fault her when he cannot live up to her expectations. Shes entitled to her expectations!

Anyway everyone enjoy the weekend!


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