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For years I have been promising my children a trip to Disney. I mean YEARS.
I am getting more “mature” ( I hate the word old and tomorrow is never promised)
With that said this SUMMER I have to , like really in my soul have to make good on this promise. Not just for them but also for my grandchildren.  If I were to leave this earth I want them to have these memories of me. My mother died at 57 yrs old and that stays in my head. I am turning 49 this year. So again.. .this vacation is so important to me just like having everyone together last summer at the beach was.

I cannot , WILL NOT disappoint them. Previously when I made this plan things were somewhat busier but as things slowed down for lots of ladies it slowed down a bit for me as well. Its beginning to pick back up , but I really can use even more business.

I have a family of 9 , yes NINE to get to Disney world. I have 5 kids and 2 grands and then me and my partner.  So yes this is not going to be a cheap venture.

To those of you who already use my services.. Thank you!! I need you’re continued patronage more now than ever. At least truthfully till July. So please yall keep me on as long as you can lol.  Also if you have friends that need an assistant or web design or SEO services and you refer them to me and they hire me you will receive 50.00 off of your next service payment that you need. Just be sure to have your referral mention your name and then you also email me and tell me that you sent them.

To those seeking services.. PLEASE LOOK AROUND , read the site. Its very detailed and my pricing is beyond fair. Current turnaround for sites is about 3-4 weeks. Rush orders are
available for an extra fee.

I have space for TWO just two more assistant clients. Again my pricing is fair. My hours are 10 am est to 10 pm EST in most cases.

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support of Taken By Storm

BTW refer me to your clients and friends and family for VANILLA WEB DESIGNS and marketing help as well . My vanilla company is  CHAR DESIGNS!

With admiration and respect,

Storm CEO Of Taken By Storm

Storm CEO Of  Taken By Storm
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