Clients pay attention PLEASE before you contact a companion


Ok, let’s cut the proverbial bullshit!

I am about to hopefully give you some insight as to what to look for, for those of you who
seem to always want right now appointments or cheap appointments.

( LADIES AND OTHER GENDERS, If you do these things I am by no means putting you down.. I am merely pointing out what guys seeking this should be conscious and looking for so that we all can cut the BS.)

Men, some of it really to me as a sex worker is easy to see, I suppose though from a consumer standpoint maybe it isn’t although I feel it should be.

Are her pics even semi professional looking? ( meaning did she put effort into the room, the cleanliness of it, her hair, makeup outfit)

Does she have a website? ( Like she or someone took the time to give her professional online presence outside of ad sites)

Does her ad mention or elude to same day bookings being ok?

Does she mention screening in her ad or on her site? ( If so be a gentleman and expect to do it)

Does she mention or offer specials? ( if not don’t ask for them)

IF she mentions same day booking, specials or makes no mention of screening then YOU are in the right place…
She or they/them are likely to allow short notice and book with fairly no pre requirements.

( again not putting you down if this is your way of getting customers and supporting yourself)

But if she clearly has a website, clearly took the time to do a certain type of marketing and pics, clearly mentions screening… it is HIGHLY unlikely that she’s going to do a short notice appointment or an appointment at some of the rates I see coming into the inboxes of the ladies I assist! ( OR MYSELF)

Marketing and packaging ( just to make it make sense when explaining) are relevant.

The atmosphere in the marketing and at the actual store at Walmart is very different than say Macy’s or Nordstrom’s.
We all often shop at both.. so nothing wrong with either. I am just saying GENTS IT IS THE SAME WHEN LOOKING FOR A COMPANION.

Use common sense and pay attention to the marketing and then conduct your interaction accordingly.

Make sense? It should.

Let’s make it make sense please and thanks, both from me as an assistant and also me as an escort myself.

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