Clearing the air 2020 ! Straight facts. Happy New Year

I do not have to defend my life choices my decisions to anyone. Let alone another companion.

So this is not a “defense” post…this is I am living my life as I choose with no regrets post.

I am about to turn 50 this year. I look about 30 not a day older and so I proudly wear my age like a medal. With this maturity comes a sexy that you can not get from anywhere else, other than being confident and happy in your own skin.

I wear what I want, spend what I want (only after I pay my bills) and I am living. I believe in I cant take money with me when I die. I may die tomorrow who the hell knows…so I’m enjoying my life.

And quite frankly so long as I don’t expect handouts and I am earning and working for my finances…its no ones business not even my life partners how I spend it. Hence why he and I do not share bank accounts. We are generous a d splurge on each other. And of course I make sure my children have enjoyable ,carefree lives…

Why? Because we struggled from 2010 till 2017 so pardon me when. I say.. KISS MY ENTIRE regard to what the fuck I buy ,or do..or when.

I’ve supported 5 kids and done what I can for 2 grandkids for years. I don’t have to prove or answer to shit.

If some of you were as booked and busy as you claim..if your life was going great, you wouldn’t have time to be bitter, to hate or to care about what myself and other companions are doing!!

And that’s facts. I’m too busy and blessed to ever care or be angry or jealous of anyone’s gain or growth.

So yup, you’ll see me and my family on trips. Yup you’ll see me in fine lingerie, yup you’ll see us eating great meals.

Most importantly you’ll see me being loved, admired, respected and appreciated by my family BUT also by my client and by my Taken By Storm customers.

I’m beautiful in spirit and in looks. And NOT ONE OF YOU WILL EVER BREAK MY STRIDE.

That’s my promise to all of the haters for 2020 and any other year!


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