Boundaries (Gents) Please respect them

OK…. I have blogged, explained this before ( probably several times before)

Men, Boys, Guys, Him , He  whatever you’d like to be called today…

Please do not contact me and other sex workers in this fashion

( Let me be more specific, READ OUR WEBSITES, OR ADS,  follow and abide by what you see there)

Then do not do this afterwards:

Do you do quick visits?

How much?

Can you send me a pic?

Are you available now?

I see the rate is XYZ but will you accept this or that?

What do you offer?

All of this is annoying, time wasting and things that you can already know and not irritate your prospective companion with asking !

As of today I will grandfather in past friends with hour appointments , but all new friends will now require the 90 min session. You can stay and leave when you want but the donation minimum on new friends for me is my 90 min rate.

Also if you rush me into seeing you on the same day when I have said SEVERAL TIMES I DO NOT DO SAME DAY SESSIONS, you will pay an additional 100 for the inconvenience!


Thanks for understanding.


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