There is NO Justice / And post on Lipstick Alley

First I want to take a moment and grasp again, that it seems it’s open season on people of color again in the US. Its bad enough that COVID is targeting us at higher numbers. That black mothers already die in or after childbirth at higher numbers. That HIV in certain cities affects us at higher numbers, that jails are more full of us than others….

But NOW on film we have two young black men one was just jogging in Brunswick Ga ( BTW my son, my black son goes to Job Corps there) and the other a Veteran.  Both caught on film. Both SEVERELY wrongly murdered.

I am sick and tired of the Justice system allowing the Police to get away with any lie and spin they put on a story.

I am sick and tired of the legal system still allowing supposed citizen arrests in 2020. (People can literally make up anything)

So my heart hurts today for #seanreed and #ahmaudarbery

The USA shows us time and time again, that if you are brown justice rarely exists for you. That if you are brown you are expendable. They love to see us die whether they admit it or not.

I am just so sick of it, it never ends…

Bless ALL the souls and victims of the racism and classism of America.


On to the topic of Lipstick Alley!

Real Testimonials from Real Customers

I have begun a formal report and request to a legal organization regarding Lipstick Alley. I know that people believe that sex workers wont seek legal action on things, or don’t have legal ground. But… as I like to remind people ..sexwork is usually regarded as a misdemeanor. I am ok with that.

However, I am pretty sure promoting hate and racism is a more serious offense. I could be wrong but it should be. I know we have freedom of speech in the US, however it should NEVER apply to lies and hate.  The site Lipstick Alley is problematic in several areas not just the forum page they have set up especially to speak badly of sex workers. The entire site is a stew of hatred of many people of all walks of life.

We are in the middle of a Pandemic and it is insane to me honestly that anyone even has time to promote such negativity. I guess its lack of work and boredom.

I stay busy working on how I can find work, I stay busy trying to help others mentally. I stay busy taking care of my family. I don’t have the time and energy to dedicate to arguing back and forth so therefore I won’t. I am sure the people responsible for the ridiculous posts on myself and other providers wish that myself or other ladies they are talking about would stoop to the level of arguing back with them but I know I won’t.

I write this only to reach out to prospective customers of Taken By Storm Web Designs and to those who I have done work for in the past who know me and know my level of professionalism and my work.

I do want to address my suspicions as to who this hater is…

  1. The Chicago lady who has no photos of herself anywhere on the net and only shows photos of her feet, who targets many of us online on Twitter.
  2.  The other Ebony Provider who I had to block on both Twitter and Reddit after we had an argument that begun about COVID and then turned into her attacking my web design company ( I HAVE NEVER DONE WORK FOR HER)
  3.  A provider who I have done work for who loved her prior work but didn’t like what I charge for edits and updates. And who also didn’t like when I defended another provider who she tried to rip to shreds online when they were already down and out.
  4.  A provider who I did work for and she LIKED her site, the issue was that due to a medical issue she needed more phone communication which when things were still normal and the agency I do work for was busy I could not just talk whenever someone called and wanted to talk.  I have always said email is preferred EXCEPT for the initial phone call conference I have with anyone who wishes to hire me to talk and see if we are a good fit. But I cannot talk to anyone on the phone every two days. I schedule all phone calls. I tried to the best of my ability to talk when I could and to explain her concerns or confusion to her. It didn’t work and we eventually parted ways.
  5. Or lastly the provider or a friend of the provider out of Houston ,who scammed me and another provider. Basically stole the second week of assistant services from both of us and was blacklisted thereafter.  I assure you all of you with the level of what she did to both of us would have done the same.

Now, I have mentioned before things that lead to issues and I am sure other web designers whether they are honest about it or not experience these issues too.

  1. A customer having no real, clear idea of what they want.
  2.  A customer not understanding that while you can make a site responsive for the main devices people use, there will be several different models and devices for which often no matter how many adjustments you make, it wont be as perfect as it is on desktop. Unfortunately most users use mobile BUT the best view of sites is still on desktop.
  3. A customer who is having a hard time with business etc, who spends all day critiquing their site and wanting hundreds of edits and wanting them right then, while forgetting you work for several people. Just someone who will never be satisfied, (I.E number one on this list)
  4.  The customer who has no respect for your time and labor and wants to argue your pricing and fees at every turn.
  5.  ( THIS ONE IS NOT THE CUSTOMERS FAULT, NOR IS IT ME SHAMING THEM, I HAVE MENTALLY ILL FAMILY MEMBERS AND HAVE WORKED IN MEDICAL WITH HEAD INJURY PATIENTS) The customers who have Traumas, either mental or physical who are left unable to understand or process things. So there is a breakdown of communication.

The comment was made that the sites I make are UGLY.

I do not pick the overall design for a customers website.  I ask all the people I do work for to provide 3 examples of sites they like.  I also explain to them that we cannot exactly duplicate anyone’s work but that we will give them something close. All color combinations and font selections are usually but not always made by the owner of the website.  So whatever it looks like is set to what the person requested.

Now there are also ladies who do not need or want me to do the edits or maintain the sites, as that’s an additional cost. Those ladies do their own admin and editing. Often they change the look and feel of their sites.  Once that happens the original design I did is often altered. I explain that on my portfolio page.

I design but I do not own anyone’s site.. The final look and feel is up to them.


So I am calling on all the ladies I have done sites for to PLEASE rebuttal the bullshit that is being said about me and my company on Lipstick alley because I seriously need to be able to get business and make money.

Please post on your social media about what I have done for you and tag it with @stormassists  #takenbystormdesigns  .  Please let people know that you liked my work or loved it.

Or feel free to email me directly at or

To hear my Podcast episode on this same topic go to:

Podcast Episode 

Episode also found on most podcast platforms!

Thanks for your time in this matter.










Announcement for Gentlemen on Resuming in person meetings

Wanted to keep this very simple so the image sums it up!

Thanks for your support!


New rules for when in person meetings begin end of June..
At the door you will be asked to use either hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol on your hands.
I will hand you a face mask and you are expected to wear it.
I myself while dressed in lingerie will also have on said face mask.
For dinner dates and longer meetings you can expect me to have a fancier more elegant face mask.
My mask will of course be removed while eating or other activities of that nature.
If you are coming straight from work you will he asked to put your clothes in a plastic bag and shower prior to the session.
If you have any symptoms fever, cough etc do not come if you do, you will me asked to leave.
Disinfectant spray and decontamination of area and wipe downs will occur after all sessions!!

New Group for Virtual Support and Learning! We can do it Sex Workers!

Welcome to learning and support for entering Virtual Services during COVID!

After thinking last night, ( wine is great for late night thinking lol… ) I decided that while these groups are great and I will keep them … I think some of us are busy bees and meeting once a week to discuss how we are doing and to offer tips and ask questions of each other on ZOOM is a great idea. I know they had a security issue but since it’s not illegal to discuss virtual services or even to support each other and as long as you do not use your real name to register for it… we should be good. Mine is registered as Storm Fields lol. I use it to do the watch parties with celebs when they offer them.  So I was thinking we can do Zoom meetings Thursdays at 7pm EST. If thats not a good time I am open to suggestions.

You all know me and know I always want to be helpful.
I decided since I too am new to the world of virtual sales we could learn together in a safe online setting.

So I created 2 channels(groups)
Online via discord and Telegram.
You can put either app on your phone or discord on your PC.

I will be offering tips on web design to create full non third party virtual offerings sites, graphics,,filters. I CAN ALSO do those things for you and we can privately discuss pricing if you cannot afford my usual service pricing due to pandemic.

I want to find 2 or 3 sex workers who are pros at virtual work to join and teach us all the game and how to win it.

So I am the Tech mentor and need to get other sex workers to mentor all of us on Onlyfans, and other virtual sites.

It’s a safe place, any drama will get you removed. Kindness is key.

I’ll send the invite links and all you have to do is verify your’e an actual provider and well go from there.

Or you an sign on here using these links.




I found this very interesting! Trust is a rare thing…. About Taken By Storm Designs

It was brought to my attention privately recently that someone who acts like they are cool with me and who promotes me reguarly has been telling people to NOT use my web design services! I found that to be interesting. Especially the level of the industry this person is at, more from an advertisers perspective than an actual provider themselves.  I am taken  off guard by it..

But here’s something that being a WOC has definitely shown me, it’s to be off guard but never shaken, scared or worried. My web design business and my reputation speak for itself.

I am really tired of even discussing it, but I only mention it because its strange to me that someone would constantly promote me but then talk shit about me behind my back.


I won’t be stabbed in the back.  And fortunately enough people respect me and my work that it is not often that I am not told when someone is trying to backstab me.  I am always told eventually.

It’s just sad that anyone would keep being so vindictive especially without reason.

If one of your associates for friends has issue with me , quite honestly , all truths be told.. it’s because people want to underpay , take advantage or talk to me with disrespect. I don’t take any of those behaviors from anyone even if they are customers. I treat people with respect until they disrespect me and then the gloves come off.  So again and hopefully I don’t have to repeat this again…

I have never had issue with anyone UNLESS they chose to not follow directions given to them by me, complete in some cases with video or screenshots on how to edit and upkeep their sites if they elected to do their work themselves.

I have never had issue with anyone UNLESS they wouldn’t or couldn’t understand tech behind their website no matter how much we explained it to them.

And in either case we ( myself or my partner) have always tried in some cases up to 20 times to fix and edit and simplify anything that was an issue or  concern.

( OH and I almost forgot the admin of the advertising site, is friends with a lady who I built a site for about 2 years ago. Now… let me say this.. this person only came to have an issue when I wouldn’t give her, her way on payment methods, OH and when I was no longer easy prey for her to use once I was no longer struggling and wouldn’t accept just any rate.. YES I SEE YOU, LOL.. and also not to mention they got angry in a Twitter group where some ladies were not retweeting. I AM NOT A PUNK, AND I AM NOT going to just let people try to make up BS. to support their friends ! Esp when their friends are wrong and their friends have done so much to other providers, even have had other providers kidnapped. I did this persons site when EVERYONE warned me to NOT even associate or speak to them)

Be careful of wolves in sheeps clothing ladies.



Lastly if you speak to be crazy , YES I will speak back crazy to you.

I don’t let anyone disrespect me and my customers should NOT expect me to.

So I hope that clears it up and FUTURE CUSTOMERS, be careful who you get any info from me on.

Also I respect you letting me know when crap is being said and you still reaching out  to me.  I think a story is only as good as its source…

Enough said.

yall have a  great day!





Stay healthy everyone.


Need help with marketing and Web for Virtual Content/Services (Group Opening)

Update : Also shared with 3 Telegraph group admins, so they can share if they so choose. 

“Not trying to get kicked out of any of the rooms …
I am not great yet and growing followers as I am still learning the ropes of virtual entertaining after being an in person escort since 2001.
But I do have a tech skill set and own and operate a web design, marketing, assistant and mentorship company for sex workers
I’m going to create a discord and telegraph group JUST for answering questions on flyer design, creating your won personal owned content sites and support for those of us getting used to the changes of going virtual.
I’d love for you to share this in your group but understand if you don’t as well. The groups will open this coming week. I’d also love to have input and mentors on board who are experts at virtual, onlyfans etc to help others with that too.
Thanks for your time.”

Ahh the new world of Virtual Content!

While Onlyfans, ManyVids etc may not be new to some it’s truly new uncharted territory for many, including myself.

So I will say the biggest thing I have learned is a new respect for just how hard it is to work that way.

The amount of content and time, patience and energy it requires is extreme.

Those of us used to just posting ads, and relying on Google SEO and our sites and only needing to shoot pics or videos once every 3 mos were in for quite a shock.

While I did join several online virtual sales sites, Me being the bossy chick I am also created a site where I control my sales and my content. It is MINE!

I am still working on making it truly easy for myself and gents to use one payment system but overall, it is really awesome and I am happy with the work I did.

I have pay me buttons that link to my cashapp right now.

BUT I am definitely , when I can afford it going to streamline to an adult payment processor.

Here’s a link for the best ones to choose from if you decide to go that route

What Payment Processor Will Accept My Adult Business

There are varying ways of getting paid and I am always happy to explain.

I belong to some promotion groups on Telegraph and I am noticing more and more that so many ladies don’t even know what Promo/marketing Flyers are etc.

I as you know own and operate a web design, graphics and assistant company and if you do not have the time or knowledge to do those things yourself I can help with those… of course for a fee.

I do also offer mentorship where its more hands on tips and teaching for $100.

OR if its just a few simple questions that can be answered in one email, I am happy to answer those for free.

Time is money, so just depends on how much of my time I use up.

I am not a virtual expert besides the marketing, and web sites etc… BUT I do belong to groups with some nice ladies that are and I want to begin a discord group and maybe also a telegraph too.. where I can help with all things as far as bundling your online virtual services into a beautifully packaged business while you can also get tips on the in and outs of making and getting a good following like some of the “greats” have.

I will work on creating those groups this weekend and the links will then be available on this blog and also on my virtual site.

It’s a new world for now … let’s get through it together!

My own virtual site.



Hello from the land of What the Fuck?

I have been trying to think of something very specific to blog about.  I just had to mentally come to terms with the fact that in this very unsure time, it is normal to be under the level of stress where having clear, artsy thoughts is simply not possible for me.

So I decided to just write something real. I like the rest of you are in the middle of feeling like I am restrained.. nothing feels natural. Can’t even interact the way we’d like with our family members without thinking… “Do they have it? Do they have COVID-19?” Then we begin our process, masks, gloves, constant sanitizing, washing our hands till they are raw.

I’m not going to lie, I have now even stopped trusting carryout or delivery. I feel like I cannot trust all the employees to be as cautious as they should be.  I miss takeout and delivery, but I decided since I have underlying health issues that I’ll just be doing all the cooking for a while, which is ok because I am a great cook… I just miss being lazy.

I have had 3 people in my family have symptoms and not be able to get tested, and my 14 yr old had no symptoms but was exposed to someone and did get tested and THANK GOD she was negative. But My 26 yr old son was rushed to the hospital 2 weeks ago in an ambulance and not tested and his little 5 yr old asthmatic daughter had to have EMT’s come over also to my sons house but they treated her at the house, because they said the hospital and it’s infected people could pose an even greater risk to her, which is correct.  Then my life partner and co web designer just a few days go went through a few days of weird headaches and extreme fatigue. He seemed to bounce back quick so I assume thank goodness for now at least that , that was something else.

But this is all of what I have been trying to navigate.

Having worked in medical before I made sure to turn one room of my home into a quarantine hospital room should the time come when someone gets sicker than we would want them to, or even for myself.. but I desperately hope it never comes to that.

Georgia has one of the worst healthcare systems in the US. And especially if you are not rich. So God willing I am hoping that if we ever do become sick that it’s the milder version of things.

Tomorrow April 14th is my 50th bday. Gifts and dinner and lots of family fun were expected for tomorrow…. and then trips to NOLA ( April 20) and MIAMI ( June to celebrate both me and my oldest sons Birthday’s) were our plans. I had dreamed and been planning my 50th for a yr. Like literally right after my 49th I began to plan.  So did many of my friends and cousins who are turning 50 this year.. High School Class of 88. Now many of us are all talking to each other about non refundable deposits for event halls, caterers, DJ’s and decor.  Many of us planned big celebrations for our 50th bday’s and are now too concerned with protecting our health, the health of our families and the health of the public to even enjoy that very very special birthday. In today’s world turning half a century old and looking as good and still being as fun as most of my friends and family are is an amazing thing.

But tomorrow because finances are so fucked and unsure, there will be no celebration, no gifts. I am happy to be alive but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I am deeply disappointed.  My 16th, and 21st birthdays were ruined and didn’t get to happen for other reasons … SO YES DAMN IT.. this one was a big deal!

I find myself longing to dress up, go out , eat fine foods, enjoy drinks. I find I want to go to the beach at St Simon’s Island with my 17 yr old son and 14 yr old daughter and to the movies with them.

I look at my Instagram and Facebook and I get saddened because just a few months ago my family and I were enjoying life.  Creating special memories with each other.

Now my 14 yr old is stuck home , home schooling. My 17 yr old son is home till at least 2nd week of May from Job Corps and I am having to decide when I really feel its safe for him to return from a parent’s point of view.

My 26 yr old son worked making great money at a restaurant at the Atlanta Airport and had just gotten a town home with his roommates back in December. His job has been on hold for almost 6 weeks now.. everything is up in the air.

My 31 yr old daughter and her 8 yr old son are in North Carolina, home schooling him is driving her crazy.  And well my 22 yr old college daughter in Delaware is still going to work everyday at an essential gas station to make sure she can cover her rent and so you can bet I worry about her daily. She promises she’s doing what she should to feel safe, but as a Mother.. I still worry.

I have kind of withdrawn to myself in my home. I am talkative and fun loving and ok some days and then someday’s , like today… I am just trying to hold it together.

I need more web design jobs, more assistant jobs. I need more male clients to buy my virtual content and on top of that my landlord and her ex husband plan on selling the house in a few months. So the home we have loved and lived in for three years will no longer be our home. I don’t feel like starting over again.

My kids were finally stable and used to this home, my 14 yr old finally had stable friends for the last 3 years. I hate changing that.

I cannot risk my health by doing in person meetings with clients right now. It simply isn’t a possibility for me. I have created a virtual gfe site and created content. I am really trying to hold it together.

My life partner and I both are web designers .. so business is relatively DEAD for us both currently. So there’s that. He had just begun a custom healing crystal jewelry business about a month before COVID made everything come to a halt.  It has been a very trying time both financially and mentally for us both.

I am a tad bit more used to struggle, I’ve been through it before so my skill set for adapting is better than most. But my life partner is not used to struggle and so for him this whole current state of events is a nightmare.

Me and my kids would prefer to not return to struggle ourselves!

I don’t know who is reading this, but first now is truly not the time to say stupid or rude shit, especially now even those who like to say “never me”… trust me you never know when the bottom can fall out. So never say never.

I didn’t write this blog post to talk about web design work or assistant work or getting work, I wrote it to vent because I truly needed to.

In closing though, if anyone needs a website and wants it done at a reasonable ( not cheap) but reasonable rate or still has need for an assistant even if just to handle emails for virtual services,  or ad copy and content…

PLEASE CONTACT ME , MY HOUSEHOLD CAN USE THE WORK.  Hell I even applied for online telemarketing jobs like 2 weeks ago.. but nothing yet.  I am definitely not just sitting here twiddling my fingers.

My website for webdesign and other services is HERE

And my website for VIRTUAL CONTENT ( ladies have a look too, in case you decide to have me make you one)

Men check that above link out and buy some content or set up a virtual skype or Facetime session with me.

I hope me sharing inspires some of you to open up too.  We are all in this shit storm together.

To those of you still working, be safe and I do hope that you get through this without getting sick. For those considering going back to work in May just still be careful please and don’t let your guard down.  Make sure you too are doing all you can to keep yourself and those you love safe and healthy.

I hope this bad dream goes away soon and we can get back to just living our lives.

If any of you want to surprise me for my bday or just contribute for whatever reason  Click here

Take care!



or for web design




Let’s settle this debate about Taken By Storm Web Designs

I did an interview today with Athlete Burner of the 99 Problems but a Pod Ain’t One Podcast.

He posed a question that I hadn’t realized was still even a thing on Twitter.. but I wanted to clear this up for any of you that may not be listeners of his or my podcast ( Straight Talk W Storm Podcast).

About a week or two ago, I expressed my feelings on a retweet I’d seen of some numbers concerning COVID-19.

At this point another provider disagreed with me. I won’t mention her name because I’m not going to give out any free publicity..but we should be able to disagree without it becoming insane.

She kept going and going at which point I blocked her.. because we are in the middle of a Pandemic and I am not about to argue back and forth with someone when I know what I know and when I worked in Medical for 5 years and stay well read on certain medical topics of interest.

At any rate once I blocked her there she came into the sexworker Reddit messenger.. to tell me .. ” I am a weirdo and that I should go back to healthcare work because the websites I design for ladies aren’t worth what I charge”.

FIRST: Me and my partner don’t just provide basic template sites.( Unless that is requested) but every site we do even if in WordPress is custom. In wordpress we use Elementor Pro and create custom layouts etc. And my partner even does CUSTOM CODED, NO TEMPLATE ALL STRAIGHT CODE FROM THE GROUND OUT, WITH MOTION GRAPHICS ETC, type work!!

So I assure you the pricing is fair. Some of you are charging 600-800 for WIX AND SQUARESPACE WORK which definitely is more than it should be in SOME , I say some cases. Because with Squarespace you can get more intricate now than you used to be able to .. BUT in Wix no one should charge some of the amounts I see being charged.

Some of you do not understand the tech side of web design and even those of you who do .. often may not be familiar with how to edit or update in Elementor which is what we use.

When a customer wishes to do their own edits, They are provided their admin login info and are also sent TWO links to watch and learn how to use Elementor. They are also warned that yes if they wreck the site they are charged a rebuild fee.

Some of you do not understand the amount of work and time it takes to make sure a site looks good and is functional on both mobile and desktop. Some of you do edits yourself to sites after they are released to you and CHANGE THE WORK THAT ME AND MY PARTNER ACTUALLY GAVE YOU AS A FINISHED SITE. So just because you see my business name on a site doesn’t mean that ALL the work in it is as it was when it was released to the owner.

MY reputation is solid. I can admit to about 3 customers OUT OF OVER 50 who we just were not able to please. That’s one hell of a success rate. We may have done more sites than that honestly I’ve lost count.

I have customers who I have done civvie business sites for as well through my VANILLA WEB DESIGN COMPANY.

Our work and our prices are REASONABLE.

The person who began this shit show is someone I have NEVER done any work for.

And to be honest we find the only people who get frustrated or have negative things to say are those that want and demand attention “RIGHT NOW , RIGHT NOW” OR THOSE WHO WANT TO DO THEIR OWN EDITS BUT WON’T TAKE THE TIME TO STUDY THE MATERIAL WE SEND TO HELP THEM WITH IT!!!

I cannot always speak to customers on the phone right when they want it. I have to schedule calls as I am usually busy with other aspects of business. I also cannot force you to learn Elementor for WordPress if you won’t try.

SO be clear. The issue did not stem from any work we did for said person ever. And any issues others have had.. a resolution was attempted and I am sure from me or my partner in more than one manner before parting ways with a customer.

I hope this clears up and thoughts and concerns you may have had after whatever shit show happened online.

I have too much going on to go back and forth with negativity so I had not seen it myself.

Please everyone stay safe and if seeking web design or assistant or mentorship, feel free to hit me up.

I am honest, genuine and you can expect nothing short of the truth from me.



Take care of yourselves, Because besides Money the Gov’t has dropped the ball!

How did we get here?

How did this happen?

We live in a country with some of the best resources in the world yet they were given info on Coronavirus 3 mos ahead of time and still dropped the ball!

Economics and finance mean more to them than the lives of human beings.

I am so upset, so disgusted with the current state of affairs.

They would sacrifice all of us that are middle class, or poor to save the rich, and the stock market.

I was once a health care worker. I know the job is hard, I respect everyone doing all they can to care for the rest of us, down to the grocery store clerk..

BUT the rest of us deserve testing and a chance to live as well. AND I know healthcare workers and others would feel that way too.  The govt is making these rules but I KNOW as someone who once cared for patients the last thing they want is for everyone else to suffer , or to die to just only test them.

People who do jobs serving the public usually have a passion for it and want to save others not see everyone else suffer just to save them.

I’m not panicked, again I am not panicked but to say I am not fearful would be a lie.

I am telling you, prepare and take care of yourselves and your families because your American Govt does not care about us.

They care about the rich, the care about the middle class and wealthy white population but the rest of us, not so much!


But right now we are discussing the reality of what is happening. And the reality is .. the poor, the lower middle class and the POC are being sacrificed in this current pandemic.

Testing and testing kits should be available to everyone, everyone with possible symptoms.

SCHOOLS AND PUBLIC GATHERINGS SHOULD NOT RESUME FOR AT-LEAST 45 DAYS, scientist and health experts have said this yet our gov’t only cares about MONEY so they want to push things to return sooner.. Which will just cause more deaths and more overcrowding is hospitals that are already struggling.

I have emailed my 14 yr old’s school and also my 17 yr old sons job corps. He is so close to completing both his programs but in good faith and the way I love my kids I AM REFUSING TO SEND THEM BACK on the dates they are supposed to have to go back.

Even Education isn’t worth my kids being exposed to this shit.
I will keep them home with me and if needed I’ll suffer the consequences but I will NOT LEAD MY KIDS TO SLAUGHTER.

If we get sick we will do it home, together with love and caring for one another PERIODT.

Please y’all take care of yourselves, because they sure don’t care.

Still looking for Volunteers to tell How COVID-19 is affecting their lives

Happy Sunday 3/22/2020 although it certainly doesn’t feel very happy does it.

This Coronavirus #covid-19 thing isn’t following any of the rules they thought it would. I wake up today to news of a 12 year old girl in Atlanta Children’s Hospital who got so sick shes on a ventilator. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT THEY SENT HER HOME 5, YES 5 TIMES BEFORE HELPING HER.
If you or your child goes to the hospital and they say pneumonia and do not want to COVID test then act a fool like Denzel in that movie where they wouldn’t help his son with the heart condition and stay! Years ago my son was like 4 and had to go to the hospital they x-rayed his lungs but let us go home BUT the minute they say pneumonia in the lungs.. THEY MADE US BRING HIM BACK.. AND THAT IS WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN.You don’t send people home with pneumonia.

I worked in nursing and yes I do understand that hospitals are overcrowded, I get it. But we cannot allow children and elderly folks to be sent home over and over again when they need help BEFORE getting to the point of needing a ventilator!


That’s enough of my rant. But I came to you this morning merely to offer some support and also to offer to give you a voice.

My blog is down for a few days until my domain is given back to Godaddy so I can reset it up. De domains as it turns out renew in a totally diff way if you are a few days late than others. Paid to get it sent back to Go Daddy so now I wait.

But back on topic!!!
I have a podcast called Straight Talk With Storm some of you are listeners and have already said how much you enjoy it and what it means to you , thanks to you all.

If you haven’t listened, its a good listen There are about 28 episodes to help ya through quarantine.

We as sex workers many of us, me included do not know what the financial future holds for us.

Some of us, a few are already ill with the disease and others like me are waiting for our children’s test results to come back. It is a very scary and uncertain time for many of us.

I will be honest I am deeply concerned about how I will survive MAY or June financially.

I am scared speechless waiting for my child’s test results although she has no symptoms and worried also about my adult kids and my grandkids. 3 of which are asthma sufferers.







Thanks and I hope this helps someone!

Whether we all like each other or not we are truly all in this together.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Incentive

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic many of you don’t feel safe meeting right now. I myself will not be meeting in person again till late April maybe Early May 2020.
But as you know we as sex workers usually (with the exception of a percentage of about 30 percent) don’t have a great deal of savings as we support families and supply all financial overhead funding of being a self owned business. Some of us probably may not even have health insurance due to the cost.
So I ask that if you can support me during this that you do. Pre-paid appointments are the best way but I will also be doing Facetime and Skype shows for $100 USD a piece.
For those who pre-pay
I will keep a list with the names and contact info if anyone who prepaid and the amount and we will schedule our time together for after the worst is past .
I and other ladies are reputable and I am willing to provide you with something similar to a non disclosure (contract) to ensure that I will honor your prepayment.
Thanks and I hope we all get thru this soon!