Atlanta and Alpharetta men….

FIRST, I do not believe in shaming sex workers, I mean DUH I am one. I also hate that the news channels love throwing around the word Prostitute. Its just such a derogatory term. I and everyone else are SEX WORKERS. I know some folks don’t mind the term, but I do. But anyway on to a much more important topic!

I hope this wakes some of you men up. Imagine how some of you probably felt today after seeing the news. Or how you felt if you were involved in the sting that caught her. The issue here is that she knew and didn’t seek treatment. In today’s world you can get meds that make you undetectable and there for unable to transmit and cause others harm. She however didn’t do that. I hope that she was atleast practicing safe services, but who knows?

So many men in Georgia and all over are so reckless. Its like PREP became a thing and everyone said let’s just throw caution to the wind.

My thing is why have to ingest man made poison if you don’t have to. Why put your real world partners and wives at risk?

Anyway I know there are some very difficult conversations being had in Alpharetta Ga and surrounding areas tonight.

Be safe everyone!

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