Hey guys!  I am back. ( to blogging I mean ) Last summer I had a crazy person contact me in regard to seeing  me. And he turned out to be a crazy and a stalker. So when I wouldn’t play his game he had my long time blog stormspeaks.com shut down. Well I have returned.

For those who are not familiar, or have lost touch with me . I am a low volume companion. I advertise often but I actually meet sparingly.  I am extremely selective in who and when I choose to meet.

I also make my main living now as a web designer. And before you laugh. I am serious. My portfolio and business is doing well. I also am the booking assistant and mentor for many other companions all over the US and abroad.

My business for companions is called Taken By Storm. I also have a vanilla company for normal businesses doing the same services.

Losing my blog actually caused quite a drop in my business. Lots of guys hated it, I am aware but evidently lots of men loved it and visited me based on seeing me as a real person , an intelligent person via my blog.

So I am glad to be back and before you know it this one will also be full of info and moments.

I have about 2 year worth of entries from my old blog saved. So some of those , especially the more juicy or hilarious ones and the warning posts will be put back on this one!

Have a great week everyone!