Happy Mothers Day 2019

I am away and normally I wouldn’t even be online. But I wanted to take a moment to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the other Bad Ass sex worker’s out there who do this job for several reasons, several of us to take care of our families or to put ourselves through school. Whatever your reason is congrats to us all for surviving this thing called life and doing it on our own terms!

So back in March my oldest daughter graduated college and I got her B2K tickets for the Miami show so me her and my youngest daughter could also have a short mini vacay in Miami that weekend. Well my oldest and I had a spat and up until yesterday when she finally called to apologize and all was made well, hadn’t spoken in about 3 weeks so she did not make the trip. I decided not to ruin my Mother’s Day and to also not ruin it for my youngest daughter so we still continued our plans. We will see B2K tonight.  I also was able to brighten the day of a young single mom I met at the bus station by gifting her the extra ticket, so that was nice.

We have been staying at a very nice hotel and also got to see South Beach.I enjoyed myself so much but in a kid friendly way.  I will be returning soon though, I promise just to enjoy it and the clubs child free. Yes!! even in my late 40’s I enjoy having lots of fun and clubbing it up.  ( I am not dead yet ) lol.

So on this Mothers Day I am so grateful to all my Web Design clients, my SEO clients, my assistant clients who without them most of the wonderful moments in my life wouldn’t be possible. YES I am still a low volume , semi-retired companion also but the largest portion of my finances comes from the wonderful other sex workers who allow me to help them and provide services for them.  I just wanted to say I am grateful.


Here’s a few photos of our time in Miami again, I am grateful and thanks!

The top left corner pic is the Historical Versace Mansion although that is not what it is called any more. Beautiful nonetheless..





Candid , Intriguing things to know about me…

Hello Gents,

This blog is interesting and I love it, of course .. its my blog.
But it has never gotten to the point my beloved stormspeaks.com blog was at.
That blog had a stat reading of 480,000 views. It was a love project of mine for almost 7 yrs.

But here we are! So onward moving, I cannot cry over spilled milk and wanted to just share things with you about me if you are a gentlemen who is new to visiting companions and escorts, or just a guy who hasn’t heard of me or had the opportunity to get to know me.

(BTW a great way to get to know me is on Twitter @supergirlstorm )

So some things you may find interesting about me….

I am extremely intelligent and well spoken. Lot’s of this is in my bio on my website , but in case you haven’t ventured over there yet I could read second year college level at age eight years old. I run two web companies one for mainstream industries and one for sex workers. I am also a booking and branding assistant for other companions nationwide. (BTW I am happy to build a web design for any of you gentlemen’s business and do your SEO “search engine optimization” . Don’t be shy ask me BUT do not expect an exchange of services.

I am a creative. I love and enjoy anything that allows me to create something visually stimulating to others. I can paint, and draw just about anything and anyone you can think of!! I won awards ALL throughout school for my artistic ability and was in gifted and talented art programs throughout my school career. I got accepted to college MAINLY on my art abilities , not my grades as by then I had discovered boys and lost my focus. ( I kick myself for it daily lol) Prior to the discovery of boys I was a straight A honor roll and perfect attendance kid for YEARS on end. Back to the creative … I have many talents. I can also do makeup, hair-styling , graphics and you name it . If it is something that leads to something being improved or beautiful, I am in!

My next skill and one of my BEST, I HAVE CHEF LEVEL COOKING SKILLS.. self taught and well as anyone my age knows..
my generation grew up watching out grandmothers and aunts cook. I can throw down in a kitchen. This is one of the reasons I offer a chef session type date. It’s one of the two out of the norm sessions I offer. I also offer a session for men who just need a sexy “therapist” if you will to discuss their emotional pains and business pains with. So many gents have told me how great I was to talk to and I have had some come wanting sex but then having guilt due to divorcing or personal life issues who I made feel warm, welcome and who I just was there for. Like a paid shoulder to lean on. I love those dates just as much as the sensual ones because for me being a companion is about the “experience” ‘and really
connecting with the gentlemen I spend time with.

So I am A REAL GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE…( without the relationship lol)

Good conversation, maturity, compassion and PASSION ! A woman who can cook you a meal and then
be your dessert! All while making you feel like you made a genuine friend. I mean It gets no more girlfriend experience than that !

Areas you will find me in more than other are Brunswick Ga, Tampa FL, Baltimore Md, Atlanta Ga, Gainesville Ga, Washington Dc and soon San Jose , Ca and Chicago IL. I hope to make your acquaintance when I pass through.


Seductive Storm VIP




I need more portfolio pics for my photography business site.

So for ladies, gents, trans , non binary needing pics but
feeling you cannot afford them…

RIGHT now beginning on my birthday month April till June 1st you
can get a photo shoot for 50.00 or if you are a truly special situation case

My normal photo shoot prices begin at 150 and range to 400.

I will only extend this offer to 3 sex workers. I cannot do this for everyone.
In the end I will choose who I do this for.

Here’s what you need to submit to be considered…

Your location and if you can travel to me.
2 photos of yourself
AND YOUR SEX WORK STORY, your journey, your struggles and why I should help you.

I want to really help someone who needs it. And it helps me build my business as well.

Do not be afraid or ashamed to be yourself when reaching out to me!


Storm CEO of Taken By Storm Photography


Disney Incentive Drive




For years I have been promising my children a trip to Disney. I mean YEARS.
I am getting more “mature” ( I hate the word old and tomorrow is never promised)
With that said this SUMMER I have to , like really in my soul have to make good on this promise. Not just for them but also for my grandchildren.  If I were to leave this earth I want them to have these memories of me. My mother died at 57 yrs old and that stays in my head. I am turning 49 this year. So again.. .this vacation is so important to me just like having everyone together last summer at the beach was.

I cannot , WILL NOT disappoint them. Previously when I made this plan things were somewhat busier but as things slowed down for lots of ladies it slowed down a bit for me as well. Its beginning to pick back up , but I really can use even more business.

I have a family of 9 , yes NINE to get to Disney world. I have 5 kids and 2 grands and then me and my partner.  So yes this is not going to be a cheap venture.

To those of you who already use my services.. Thank you!! I need you’re continued patronage more now than ever. At least truthfully till July. So please yall keep me on as long as you can lol.  Also if you have friends that need an assistant or web design or SEO services and you refer them to me and they hire me you will receive 50.00 off of your next service payment that you need. Just be sure to have your referral mention your name and then you also email me and tell me that you sent them.

To those seeking services.. PLEASE LOOK AROUND , read the site. Its very detailed and my pricing is beyond fair. Current turnaround for sites is about 3-4 weeks. Rush orders are
available for an extra fee.

I have space for TWO just two more assistant clients. Again my pricing is fair. My hours are 10 am est to 10 pm EST in most cases.

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support of Taken By Storm

BTW refer me to your clients and friends and family for VANILLA WEB DESIGNS and marketing help as well . My vanilla company is  CHAR DESIGNS!

With admiration and respect,

Storm CEO Of Taken By Storm

Storm CEO Of  Taken By Storm
For All Your Business Needs!
Services for Everyone!
Twitter @StormAssists

Morning Gents! ( Atlanta Gents specifically)

Good Day to you,

I haven’t really addressed the men of Atlanta in a long time. Or men and ladies from anywhere for that matter that doubted me, thought I was somehow a joke or didn’t believe me when I said I had more talents and skills than sex work allowed you to see.

This is mainly to the gentlemen though. Mainly Atlanta gentlemen. Do you remember when I would post ads seeking help, being honest about my life and so many of you assumed I was a liar, a beggar( which wasn’t possible since begging is the expectation of something for nothing) I always gave sessions in exchange for my help received. But the misogyny of some of you and the snootiness of some of the women in the industry who didn’t know me made you all think I was a joke and not business savvy. My approach,my genuine spirit got me back to who I am ,who I was prior to sex work. Meaning I am no longer struggling ( at least not nearly as often) and I am able to live my life w comfort and joy.

Remember when I said how intelligent I was, so many of you laughed. Remember when I mentioned my artistic abilities, so many of you laughed. Remember when I said anything I asked for and gave time in exchange for was truly for my children and so many of you laughed or thought I was lying. HA! I have now had and am having the final laugh.

My children even with struggles here and there ( my adult ones) are thriving. Never been to jail. My oldest daughter just graduated college and I have a second daughter in college. None of my children have drug issues. My oldest is bi -polar but it runs on my mothers side. So you see nothing in my profession or lifestyle caused it. I remember so many of you would say terrible things, send crazy emails , comment online about how my kids must be embarrassed with a sex worker mom. NOPE! They love me very much, as I love them. I was able to take them on vacation last summer and am working hard to do that again this year.

You all made fun, made jokes but until this year when I finally got state funded insurance I provided for 5 kids with NO govt aid. WITH NO AID. So say what you want I was always savvy and always on my shit.

I know the crabs in a barrel mentality of Atlanta and sometimes of this industry made so many of you want to see me fail. I remember the emails telling me to quit. “Your’e too old, You’re too fat” all kinds of negative energy . I always told you all I WILL STOP WHEN I WANT , WHEN I AM READY! No man anywhere is going to force me to stop, force me to stop being me or cause me shame. That is not who I am , it is not who I will ever be!

I am powerful, driven, intelligent and special and always have been and always will be!

I see you all once in a while still talking about me on sites I don’t even frequent or wish to get clientele  from. The comments always prove one thing to me .. I am and was unforgettable! Most of you naysayers have never even met me, but you hate me because I will not allow you to shame me, to break me. I will not allow you to take advantage of me ! You are angry and bitter than my life got back to what I told you I was before I moved to Atlanta. You are mad that I no longer need to offer rates that sickened me to offer before. You are mad gents that you can not control me the way you control many of the other ladies of Atlanta!

You know what? If those are the reasons you do not like me , I am smiling and laughing because I am proud to be disliked for being strong and a force to be reckoned with..

Why do you think I call myself Storm!?!

So I am proud to say, I have stood my ground. I will continue to be here being a great companion and making TRUE gentlemen smile and feel great. I will continue to grow my OTHER businesses. My web design company, my photography business, etc. YES I do really have businesses that I run and that I am so proud of.

You see negative bs only pushes me harder. I am a competitor by nature , always have been.

I fight to live, to hustle and to make sure me and my loves are good!

Now to my haters, and naysayers “Run tell that”

With much pride,

Seductive Storm



Let me be very clear.. these are the guidelines to meeting me:

If you have not come to visit me in the last 6 mos( unless we were frequent for YEARS prior) you must screen again.

Do NOT contact me telling me that I could or would be making more if I bent my rules. I am not interested and my rules will not change for you.

Screening is REQUIRED .

Rates begin at 250 ( and I prefer multi-hour meetings)

I prefer to only see up to 6 visitors a month. My other businesses take 

priority. Thank you.





I hate to keep speaking on the same topic , but it is an important one.
I truly need to raise another 600 -800 before my daughters graduation.
Her graduation is March 30 but I need to funds by March 26th to handle things.

I am not asking for a handout. Maybe I would get more replies and more interest
if I did.. I don’t know lol. I am asking for legitimate work. I am seeking
to provide sex workers who need it with knowledge and services that can help you

I am fortunate that I get my bills paid, have been stable and kept my home after
Fosta and Sesta and have been able to do pretty well. But December to now have
been extremely slow and different even for my web business, and I get it because
it is slow for many right now.

I hope and pray that there are some of you out there who need either an assistant,
a web designer or SEO done asap.

I am running out of time.



I look forward to you hiring me.

cash.me/$takenbystorm70 for deposits or payments or services.
In the notes always put for web dsign or for rent payment please.





The Creation of the King’s Treatment Session

I am sure there will be some hate after I blog this, but I see the term used so often that
I really do need everyone to know where it came from and how.

I think those who follow me, or know me know me to be genuine and honest so trust me I was
in fact the creator of the Kings Treatment service that many now list on their sites and ads.

I coined that phrase back in 2007. I wanted to stand out from the general ,cliche term of GFE
so alas the term Kings Treatment was born! Eventually I’d begin to see other ladies EVERYWHERE use it about a year after I came up with it. I wish I would have Trademarked it lol.

Anyone who knows me from Baltimore of Atlanta will tell you , they truly did see
it first with me, meaning that term.

I wanted to create an experience that was truly a connection. It was to include
wine, a meal, a full body massage and then GFE ( although I do not subscribe to the typical
menu version of GFE for me it means a romantic,genuine connection we share during our time together)

Now I am sure other ladies have taken the term I actually invented and made it their own and I have
no issue with that. I guess I am actually PROUD to have invented a term that supersedes the
typical GFE experience.

I remember when guys used to actually just email me to know what Kings Treatment was because
they honestly hadn’t heard of it.

So here we are 12 yrs after I coined that escort term and I see it even on ladies sites that
I do work for now and I just wanted to smile, and share that it was your own little helper
STORM who actually created that service term..

HAHA .. You’re welcome!

I guess I am happy to have left my mark somehow.. lol

And to the gents!
YES I still offer my King’s Treatment sessions!

Your’s Truly,
Seductive Storm

My Daughter (30 yr old) Graduates March 30th

Hello Fellow Community

As I have mentioned several times over the last month or 2 my 30 yr old daughters graduation is March 30th. I am still way short on what Id like to have to make the occasion great.

This is really and truly important and I am not expecting handouts or charity. I am truly and simply seeking more work assignments to afford me the ability to make it great for her.

My other money that I make as I am sure many of you can relate to already goes to keeping my business afloat and to providing for my younger kids and my monthly expenses like rent etc. Its been a much slower year than usual and MAINLY because men just simply don’t want to screen and for me lightning up on my screening procedure is NOT an option.

So if you need Seo, a website, an assistant for booking and safety or branding help and services….


BUSINESS SITE  https://www.takenbystorm.co



Cashapp , Venmo and other payment options are available

email me at seductivestorm@protonmail.com or
Customerservice@takenbystorm.biz for information on my business sites.

Mistakes Men Make When Contacting Providers

Gentlemen “The Rules”

There seem to be some gentlemen that have forgotten the rules to keeping both you and your companion safe when communicating.

Let me say, it is not that we are trying to con you, or not let you know how your time with us will go. It is simply that you may not ever discuss acts or services. Remember fees are for time and companionship ONLY!

Some examples of things you cannot say:

1. Are you GFE?
2. MSOG allowed?
3. Do you offer greek?

DO not say these things or anything like them!

Here is what you may do:

1. If she still has reviews anywhere, take the time to read them.
2. You may politely ask how much a donation amount is for an amount of time, Never discuss services.
3. You can read her site first , In most cases it gives you enough info ( not graphic , or explicit) but enough info that you get a feel for her.

We understand you like to know what you get for your money as so many of you like to put it. But, we are trying to keep both you and us out of jail. That kind of talk equates to a solicitation
, and that is illegal.

Lastly DO NOT HAGGLE PRICE, or negotiate price.
The price is set, be a gentleman and accept it.

Lastly, even if for any reason your time with a companion does not go as you like, if she did her absolute best
to accommodate you and if she didn’t rush you and you stayed your whole TIME ( YOU PAY FOR TIME) it is never polite to tell her you are taking ANY of her donation back. IF you express your upset SOME, not all companions may decide to give you small piece of the donation back. HOWEVER, she is not obligated to do so. I say this because often a gents unhappiness w a session is his own fault for NOT reading up on the companion before visiting her.
Again if a lady has a site take the time to read it.

Hopefully these tips stop so much of the insanity I see when assisting ladies and even when answering my own calls.