**Sorry about all the typos in this earlier, I was just so pissed  I speed typed**




Read that again….

NOW let me explain a few things to some of you..
Women are already told by men on every damn front what to do, how to look, what to wear and now we are even told when and where to have kids. So if another woman puts down  sex work or slut shames you all want to tear her apart. However, you all have no  issue doing the same in regard to body positivity and then want to use the good ole same BS line
Victoria’s Secret used in regard to why they have no full figured women in their shows..

” I don’t see what’s wrong with encouraging my other sex workers to tone up and live healthier lifestyles” That and “well no it is true, men on boards say this and that, I get emails where men said this and that”

This from the same ladies who claim to hate review and hobbyist culture but who spend all their time giving a fuck
what the men there said about them.


Perhaps when giving other sex workers advice try to focus more on teaching them the importance of the following:

1.Having mental thick skin so that they do not give a damn what men say about them as long as they feel beautiful themselves.
( Personally to the men who contact me and make shots at my body or weight I simply say the exact following ” I am beautiful and
especially beautiful for a woman of my age. I market to the men who love women with meat on their bones of which there are plenty and I have
never cared nor will I about the men who are seeking something different than me. I am not interested in spending time with them anyway if
we are not a good fit. Have a good day sir.”) But what I do not do is worry, go pick myself apart in a mirror or give a shit. I been a full figured sex worker since 2001 and I raised 5 kids ( no welfare etc ,on that money) and not in Section 8 housing either ( NOTHING wrong with that tho because I was a welfare and section 8 MOM when I was 20-23 years old before sex work, so no shame)

2. Point the BBW girls you are trying to mentor to examples of BBW ladies who market well, and know what to do to promote in this industry. There are PLENTY of us. And truthfully some of the BBW ladies have larger followings and an almost cult like fan base and make double a week what some of the ladies taking shots at other ladies bodies do. Those are facts! And do you know how and why.. GOOD MARKETING AND A CONFIDENT SEXY AS HELL ATTITUDE AND WAY OF THINKING!

3. Guide them on how to use Social Media Marketing, How to get good , crisp HD pics of themselves even if they cannot afford a PHOTOG there are plenty of  other ways to get great images, ( I am happy to teach any of you)

4. Teach them how to find confidence and self love if they do not have it currently. And if you yourself do not have self love or confidence then do
not “mentor” others and make them have self doubt simply because you have self doubt of yourself ( That you lie and cloak behind online Bravado and fake personality)

5.Teach them, what your mother probably taught you growing up, so what he or she said that to you, if you know you are beautiful and you believe it you are.
Be strong, have courage and be unapologetically you and WIN AND SHOW EM WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF! That’s the speech you should be giving to a fellow co sex worker.

6.Teach a BBW sex worker or any sex worker really, that personality and packaging ( hair, clothing, lingerie) along with being able to connect and engage a client mentally is ABSOLUTELY as important as all the shallow physical stuff. Personality with good packaging can steal the soul of any man!

7. THE MOST IMPORTANT , DO NOT LIE TO THEM, LET THEM KNOW THAT WINNING AND WORKING AS A BBW OR OTHER NICHE SEX WORKER IS HARDER WORK! IT REQUIRES MORE MARKETING, MORE BACKBONE, MORE TRIAL AND ERROR TILL YOU FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, BUT REMIND THEM ITS THE MARKETING AND THE BUSINESS FOUNDATION AND SAVVY THAT MATTERS ... WWWWWWWWAAAAAAY MORE THAN THE SIZE OF THEIR BODIES!!!! ( To tell someone that they will be successful based off what you teach them , and only within a 2-5 month period is setting them up for possible disappointment in today’s unstable industry. I am keeping it 100. Ladies with great reputations, and great bodies who know their shit have themselves found things a lot different in the last year.  So when mentoring be thoughtful, get to know each sex worker you are consulting and advising on a unique, customized level.  Then begin to build their plan for success)

Ladies if any of you are reading this and you have been body shamed by guys on boards, or in emails or by other sex workers and you need to be reminded how bad ass all women are .. contact me. I can help! TAKENBYSTORMDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM


Have a great week!

Goodbye Summer 2019 ( well it will officially end this weekend w BBQ)

So thank you to everyone ( as always) who was kind enough to use Taken By Storm now, past or future)
After Banking hell, several personal family issues and just well blending of personalities ( sometimes by force lol)
we were able to make  it to Great Wolf Lodge and share a few days together.

Our Family trip in August is our official end to Summer for us. My oldest daughter and her son were not able to come, and I am
not very happy about that and am not sure where my relationship with her is after she sat out something she knows
was super important to me( I only get to see everyone all at one time once a year) but she is my child and hopefully she
gets her life and her act together soon!

Now I am back home and my Psoriasis on my feet has returned so treating that for the next few days. I need to clean my own pool
so my 4 yr old granddaughter who’s at mom mom’s house for the first time can swim with me here this week. I guess pain and all I
will hopefully figure that out by Tuesday while we still have some warm weather.

What did everyone else do this summer?
I’d love to hear everyone and see your Vacation pics….

Here’s a few of ours ( kids faces blurred to protect them)

Well Happy Autumn  I guess soon….



Enjoy the pics!

An Important article From Taken By Storm Designs & Assistant

I wanted to take the time to say thank you to the many customers and supporters from afar of Taken By Storm!

This Summer has been my first slow period in a while and while it has been difficult I am still grateful for the hopes of the wonderful things on the horizon.

I suppose to some I may seem like a bit of a b I t ch, but I only speak on things or speak on those who wrong me when absolutely necessary .

I am not hateful or vindictive! I simply want honesty and respect from those that I work for or those that contact me for services. We are adults so that’s not too much to ask.

My heart is still kind, I still want to help ALL of you and this means more to me than just money.

My sig other asked me if I won the lottery would I still help the ladies I work for the answer was YES! Because it’s about my journey as a sex worker. It’s about the happiness it brings me to help y’all. I am proud of what I do.

If any of you are out there right now who need web design, an assistant, or SEO or marketing advice I promise you, you won’t find anyone who cares more or who understands more than me…

Feel free to contact me to see what I can do for you.

From now till Aug 17th I am open to negotiate pricing as long as reasonable. I have a family trip coming up and I need to make about 500 more!

Thank you

Sorry for the possible delay in my response. You will hear back from me soon

Nearing the end of Summer….

I love summer, for probably the same reasons you love it. I am happy however that its coming to an end.  ( Although I still have a very important family trip with all my children and grandchildren Aug 20-25th) That trip is super important now. My youngest grand baby who is 4 has been in the hospital since end of last week. Hopefully she gets to go home today.  Asthma really got her this episode and it was very scary for my adult son ( her daddy) and for all of us.

At any rate I really and truly need some business, or even just contributions ( and I do future work for you ) I just really needed to reach out to my community and see if there is anyone needs work!

BY the way, the 900 web design package is the only one that comes with ONGOING SEO MONTHLY at no additional fee for the first 6 mos!   All other packages are one time SEO set up and then an additional fee for ongoing SEO.

If you are interested in an assistant I have 2 slots open!

If you are interested in an assistant I have 2 slots open!

( For assistant work please only contact me , if you really need an assistant and if you can really afford having one. Please don’t scam me, or waste my time. I am looking for 2 more Long term ongoing assistant clients)

I also offer branding consultant services, ad copy and copy writing for web sites,social media marketing services,  paid screening lessons for a month etc.

And don’t forget TakenByStorm photography !

Feel free to contact me at 678 316 5791 ( text is preferred till we set a time to speak)


Or email me at


Thanks for reading!







Happy Top of the Week July 15th 2019


I decided to just drop in this morning and share a blog lol.

It’s been a bit since i blogged or at least it feels like it has.  My summer so far has been a little lackluster.  However I am blessed and cannot complain.  This summer has been a lot slower  in regard to the usual amount of web design clients I get in the summer months.  I know a lot of ladies have been complaining about business being slow and others have to wait until the fall to do new pics etc.  So yes I’ve felt a bit of a pinch of financial stress but I am still grateful for what me and my family do have.  With that being said ” HEY EVERYONE , I CAN USE MORE WEB DESIGN AND ASSISTANT WORK STAT!!”

Other than that life is good.  My adult kids , even with their own financial struggles this summer are doing well and are good human beings and that is most important. My younger kids well, its Summer and they are enjoying it. In August same as last year we all , including my grandkids go on vacation together. I only get to see them all together once a year for a week. Since my older 3 live back in Maryland and Delaware area where I am originally from myself.

So I love Summer because I get to see my whole bunch.  I guess however I have embarked on an endless summer. Last year I made up my mind I was going to go to as many different beaches , when I tour as possible and so far I think I have hit about 7 beaches. More to come!!

Due to the slowness of the Summer and the cross country stings being done in so many places , I had to put my Chicago plans on hold AGAIN , and it is very frustrating to me, because I WANT TO SEE CHICAGO AND EXPERIENCE IT MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE.   ( There are lots of places and countries , I want to see but its definitely one of the top choices) . I wanted to do my traveling while school was out but it doesn’t seem that its going to line up that way. So I will hopefully have an uptick in business soon and be able to make both my dreams and the dreams of my gentlemen admirers a reality.

I am always, always available for FLY ME TO YOU! I prefer it in fact as it alleviates the brunt of the expense from falling on me.  SO BY ALL MEANS, FLY ME TO YOU 🙂

This summer in a nutshell for me so far , has been filled with family fun, water, and love and great food!

I cannot wait to share more summer experiences with you after my family vacay in August.

On another note, I will have some new pics and videos hopefully of myself to share by the end of this week. If my current web assignments and assistant work doesn’t keep me so busy that I just don’t have the time.. Hopefully I can carve some time out for my admirers !


See you soon and remember , Life is a Beach ! ( Enjoy it)






My year battling Psoriasis ( A note to my clients)

My yearly battle with Psoriasis

Hey guys! As you all know I am big on transparency. So in light of upcoming trips and even just local gentlemen
who have interest in meeting me…

You may notice from times to time “weird” skin as I like to call it on my hands and feet. A year ago I  noticed some itchy spots on sides of my feet and kind of just figured it would go away. We are now a year out from
that and it actually spread and now affects my hands and feet. Thank goodness I am a black woman and so as long
as I use my medicated creams and ointments for my Psoriasis the plaques as they are called are not extremely noticeable.

But there are times when it flares badly that my hands and feet are in lots of pain. So sometimes even with creams its not something I can hide. I wanted you all to know and understand what the plaques are as I didn’t want anyone to  think I had anything contagious.

PSORIASIS is NOT contagious. Its an auto immune disorder, usually genetic and I cannot pass it to anyone other than one of my
kids who has it ( due to genetics) not because we touched each other lol.

I encourage you to do your research on Psoriasis to understand.

Mine is mild ( knock on wood it stays that way) and doesn’t affect anything other than hands and feet.

I just wanted to share this with you so that everyone knows, I am safe, clean and healthy to see and spend time  with. My skin just likes to act like I am the enemy from time to time…lol

Everyone have a good day!

Hope to spend time with you soon!




EMAIL to book and screen

24 hours notice required on all dates.

Boundaries (Gents) Please respect them

OK…. I have blogged, explained this before ( probably several times before)

Men, Boys, Guys, Him , He  whatever you’d like to be called today…

Please do not contact me and other sex workers in this fashion

( Let me be more specific, READ OUR WEBSITES, OR ADS,  follow and abide by what you see there)

Then do not do this afterwards:

Do you do quick visits?

How much?

Can you send me a pic?

Are you available now?

I see the rate is XYZ but will you accept this or that?

What do you offer?

All of this is annoying, time wasting and things that you can already know and not irritate your prospective companion with asking !

As of today I will grandfather in past friends with hour appointments , but all new friends will now require the 90 min session. You can stay and leave when you want but the donation minimum on new friends for me is my 90 min rate.

Also if you rush me into seeing you on the same day when I have said SEVERAL TIMES I DO NOT DO SAME DAY SESSIONS, you will pay an additional 100 for the inconvenience!


Thanks for understanding.


What is a Survival Sexworker ( An Essay “Opinion”)

survival sex work

Yesterday on Twitter a pro sex work advocate asked a question….
He asked ( from a genuine place) ” What is a survival sex worker”

I gave my short Twitter answer to that but I wanted to share and elaborate more here, in hopes  that it will open some people’s views and that they will learn to not judge or look down  on “survival” sex workers.

First my own journey ( full transparency) , I began sex work in 2001. I did not begin as a survival sex worker. I came in at the age of 31 already educated, already having worked as a realtor and in the medical field. I was out of a marriage and really only began to make money faster but in the beginning I was still working my nursing gig too. Then I got hooked on how fast the money was and how I could enjoy so many new places , people and things. It
also made me able to be home with my children. I began on Yahoo personals and Eros and Big Doggie. So yes I wasn’t a survival girl till about 8 yrs in and then I became a survival worker but still I at
that time was probably doing better than most other survival workers. I became a REAL shit has hit the proverbial fan sex worker once I relocated to Georgia ( followed family here, then fell in love with someone here) I doubt I’d of ever struggled as bad and as hard had I have not moved South.

But love, well you know….. So again however it went up and down . Some years I wasn’t a survival worker, but I feel like until recent years in the South I was. The crazy part of this story is that when alot  of ladies and other sex workers found themselves thrown into survival mode ( created by the shutdown
of so many ad sites, especially backpage) my other business Taken By Storm was about to begin year 2 of being a formal operating business and I was no longer in survival mode. ( BTW I CANNOT

But now you know as you read this , that I have been where all of you find yourselves at one time or another. To those reading this who have never ever been a survival sex worker.. count your blessings because you never know when and if it could happen to you. I and many others are fortunate in that
we had other skills. We have education and a good support system and people who care and love us..
Sadly that’s not everyone else’s story though.

So onto my definition of what I feel survival sex work is:

It for me ,in my opinion is when you have to take rates that you know you could do better than. Its when you have to accept 60 dollars because your kids are going to go without groceries and Food Stamps and Govt
assistance is an intrusive joke!

It’ s when you have done all you can and the bills and eviction notices keep coming and you have no one to help you or support you and finally you give up and give in and say fuck it and do what you gotta do!

Its when ( AND THIS I HOPE NO ONE HAS TO DO, BUT I KNOW IT DOES HAPPEN AND ALOT I AM SURE) you say you can’t even care about your safety anymore and stop screening and also stop using condoms and just
do anything with anyone to keep a roof, to not starve etc.

Its the people who have endured so much hell and pain that drugs mean more to them than the painful life they have left and the drug is then the pimp and they will sell their soul to get high, so what the hell
difference does it make if they sell the body too?….

Those are the stories of the TRUE survival sex workers.. and I am sure there are all kinds of scenarios and reasons.

These are the people in the shadows, or on the corners , or even on Twitter pretending to be doing well but
are really in a hell , you the reader can’t imagine.

These are the people some of you talk shit about, call beggars, tell what they should do and instead of being supportive and giving a fuck in the community as we should… we don’t offer any real help ( and it doesn’t have to be money)
we just talk , gossip, unfollow and block on social media because you know Heaven forbid you be associated or show kindness publicly to a survival worker…. ( because opinions in public mean more to you than simple human kindness)

Yeah, ponder that..
I hope I made some of you think today!!

With love to all,


Want to see what to expect when meeting me!?

Just a quick video to reassure you that THIS is what you can expect ( hair may change) but overall I go out of my way to be the same sexy lady from the ad and the site when you meet me!

Due to family I will be out of town ( Gainesville Ga) Thursday till Monday  morning.

I may consider accepting a client or two ( BUT must be an offer worth my time while in the Brunswick Ga ,  Jacksonville FL area)

Anyway enjoy the video….


I market to exactly who I want to meet!

Evening Gents,

I wanted to find a way to politely speak on this…
( you know because I really am nice, fun, friendly regardless of prior notions, lol)

I see once and a while comments regarding me. Such as “why pay her high ass rate when
I can get younger with a stripper (banging body)?

I have answered this before but let me politely explain again. I market myself to mature men
seeking the following:

1. A mature companion
2. An intelligent companion
3. A companion who is beautiful inside and out
4. Men who love ALL shapes and sizes of beautiful classy women.
5. Men who love more bounce to the ounce.

If none of those are you , my loves … then you were not my market anyway!

I am beautiful and worth every penny and QUALITY clients know and respect it.

I am sorry if we aren’t a good fit ( Really I am not, lol after all can’t please everyone) But I am sorry
that you cannot be mature enough to simply skip an ad that doesn’t interest you and save us both time and

I have enough self love, self joy and confidence… that men ( real men ) will appreciate it and screen and
pay my required fee without the BS.

That is all .. have a great upcoming weekend!