Mistakes Men Make When Contacting Providers

Gentlemen “The Rules”

There seem to be some gentlemen that have forgotten the rules to keeping both you and your companion safe when communicating.

Let me say, it is not that we are trying to con you, or not let you know how your time with us will go. It is simply that you may not ever discuss acts or services. Remember fees are for time and companionship ONLY!

Some examples of things you cannot say:

1. Are you GFE?
2. MSOG allowed?
3. Do you offer greek?

DO not say these things or anything like them!

Here is what you may do:

1. If she still has reviews anywhere, take the time to read them.
2. You may politely ask how much a donation amount is for an amount of time, Never discuss services.
3. You can read her site first , In most cases it gives you enough info ( not graphic , or explicit) but enough info that you get a feel for her.

We understand you like to know what you get for your money as so many of you like to put it. But, we are trying to keep both you and us out of jail. That kind of talk equates to a solicitation
, and that is illegal.

Lastly DO NOT HAGGLE PRICE, or negotiate price.
The price is set, be a gentleman and accept it.

Lastly, even if for any reason your time with a companion does not go as you like, if she did her absolute best
to accommodate you and if she didn’t rush you and you stayed your whole TIME ( YOU PAY FOR TIME) it is never polite to tell her you are taking ANY of her donation back. IF you express your upset SOME, not all companions may decide to give you small piece of the donation back. HOWEVER, she is not obligated to do so. I say this because often a gents unhappiness w a session is his own fault for NOT reading up on the companion before visiting her.
Again if a lady has a site take the time to read it.

Hopefully these tips stop so much of the insanity I see when assisting ladies and even when answering my own calls.

Sex Work VS. Trafficking Let’s talk about it

I was recently interviewed for a piece on NON trafficked sex workers that worked during the
Super Bowl. It was an honor to speak as a part of the sex work community.  See link for article


However there was a lot said in my hour long talk with Hallie that did not make it to the interview. I feel I want to share a lot more here because it seems the last month
has been more of the usual, but absurd trafficking propaganda than usual.

First let me state. I have daughters, I have sons. I am anti- trafficking just like  any decent human being is.  If a person is really being put into slavery or forced
to do things against their own free will. I just like you am outraged.

My issue however is with the blurred lines on the subject.

I am a strong active Feminist and one of the problems with “rescuers” are the Feminist groups who do NOT include ALL women! That is wrong! As a true feminist I can tell you it includes all groups of women NOT just supposed morally upstanding , middle class,
wealthy women.

 I mention this because I am tired of seeing, reading and hearing the following:

1. If someone is paying you, it means you are not really having sex of your own free will,
you are only having sex because you were coerced by the money.

2. Being sexy , dressing sexy, dancing sexy is allowing men to use us as sexual objects.

3.  Escorting, is being raped everyday etc etc

Now allow me to counter all those comments :

1.  Don’t most women even in mainstream relationships have sex with their mates out of equal parts, love, lust, and also because its a REQUIREMENT of the relationship? Aren’t we  taught as girls that if we want to keep our man “happy” we need to meet his physical needs?

Do you know how many wives and girlfriends are tired at the end of the day and yet they still
have sex to keep the financial stability , to keep him from cheating ( although that doesn’t really work).
Point is YOU , even you Miss or Mr Rescuer are being USED sexually and mentally by someone
whether you admit it or  not!

2.  Why can’t I as  a grown woman use my sexuality and my looks in anyway I see fit.
Maybe just maybe I like being sexy, maybe I do not get up in the morning thinking ” Hmmm how
is a man going to view how I am dressed” Maybe I get up and I feel pretty in WHATEVER I decide to wear.

Maybe I go out and I like to dance and move sexy because I AM LIVING MY BEST LIFE AND HAVING FUN!
Again I am grown , so what is your issue.? Maybe we all feel sorry for you prudes who are living in some
moral, mental prison of adhering to what men have told you makes you a “good girl” an acceptable lady.
Running through life in your charcoal grey trousers , your mock turtleneck and your mom hair. I am just saying
we could “throw stones ” too if we wanted to.

Why is it wrong for adult men, women, trans , non binary people to USE THEIR BODIES AS THEY SEE FIT?

3.  I assure you escorting is not getting raped everyday. I and others have made a choice to  make our money with our bodies, our time, our personalities as our commodity.  Men and “good girls; Use the term whore to describe any “loose” woman who uses her sexuality as she pleases. SO why then do you all have an issue with
US getting paid for it.  No one seems to care when a poor girl is sleeping with 10 guys a week for free but cant even pay her rent or feed her family. THAT is ok,  that’s the shit that should be illegal.

I proudly ( OTHER than with my partner of ten years who I love and who loves me)  practice STOP

For those not sure what Stop is it’s





Lastly , to round out this weeks idiocy in the world of “End Human Trafficking” “Rescue” propaganda

POLARIS PROJECT  has decided it now wants us all to not meet anyone online..  lmao

Well on dating sites and apps.  I mean because you know .. EVERYONE IS TRAFFICKED.
Grown ups cannot even decide where, and how we meet people anymore…
Some of you must really have miserable, boring lives. I feel bad for you.

Newsflash, anyone , anywhere if they really have the intent can kidnap , hurt, harm and traffic
anyone REGARDLESS of how they met them.  Even a minister can be a pedophile, or worse.
Please when you all really want to help trafficked victims STOP using OVERKILL propaganda 
to push your agenda.  It really only harms  the exact people, the real victims you claim you want to save.

Trafficked victims , REAL ones are stolen from airports, grocery stores, night clubs and hundreds of other
ways besides online.  ONLINE ads and such actually make it easier for LAW ENFORCEMENT TO TRACK AND FIND THE PEOPLE REALLY BEING TRAFFICKED .  If you all keep trying to shut down and shut off everything you make things a playground for the predators who now can hide in the shadows with no electronic trail.

Your logic is simply illogical!!!





Good Morning,

Well for the last few months I have been dealing with some things that have had me someplace between
depression and aggravation. Its mainly due to things both bad and good dealing with my kids. If you have
followed me for any length of time at all you know I love them more than I love anything , even myself.

So at times I really am over mentally stimulated and burn out to a degree. My son , my 16 year old has
had a rough couple of years. He is not badly behaved or fighting etc or doing a lot of things I am sure
he could be doing but he has struggles of depression and completely refused to do his school work
and gave up on himself so I had to send him to Job Corp. It is NOT something I thought I would
ever do or need to do. Even though he is not in my home currently I still send him an allowance and food etc
because the little allowance Job Corp gives him will not really allow him to survive it. Job Corp is 5 hours away
so he cannot come home on weekends and make in back in time so I have to go to him at least once a month , so he
still feels connected and not alienated from family.

Then I have a 30 year old daughter who is graduating college on March 30. She has had it tough to. I taught my daughters to want a man , never to need them but after a few failed relationships my daughter met and had a child be a mentally abusive , ego maniac… a classic narcissist. Hes financially helpful to her which is how he kept her stuck to him so long. Only good quality I can say is hes a good child to his children, only one of which is by my daughter. But beyond that, the mental abuse and depression shes been in due to him finally led to her going to counselor and us getting the diagnosis of Bi polar 1 disorder and severe depression. YET she has managed to finish her college in 2 years and I am so proud of her!(She ended the relationship with him but he still finds ways to mind fuck her)
So I have to be able to make that great for her and to get there.

Lastly my 4 year old granddaughter and my 6 yr old grandson due to my older kids turmoil with both their ex partners really deserve something wonderful. For those who do not remember last summer I took my whole family all my kids and grand kids to Ocean City Md. It was wonderful, until two of my older ones got into an argument.. but overall it meant so much to me. Well my 4 yr old grand baby is into COCO and my grandson who’ll be 7 by then is into SUPERHEROS so this summer I promised them DISNEYWORLD. Its ALL they talk about they facetime at least 2 times a week to talk about it. It is important also because when my other kids were younger I promised every year to take them but was unable to …THIS summer I intend to make good on my promise to everyone.

NOW, I am sure you wonder why am I sharing all this with you all. I don’t do fancy elaborate hoaxes or scams. I don’t ask for you all to JUST give me your hard earned money. I AM ASKING you all to , those who can afford me to hire me.
Two of the girls I have been doing work for over the last 2 months have their own issues and I understand so no negative or bad feelings to them in anyway, life happens. But they cannot afford me anymore one due to health reasons and one due to just fears with all the stings that have been happening lately etc.. shes taking a break. THIS REMOVES 1,100 of my monthly income at a time when I need it THE MOST!

So I am hoping that some of you need websites… I AM ALSO REALLY SEEKING ONGOING MONTHLY SERVICE CUSTOMERS.



My partner does sites from code for 800/1200

I really need work I NEED 2 assistant clients to replace the two who cannot continue.
and I need an average of 3 web design clients per month and I need this to continue TILL AUGUST OF 2019 AT LEAST.
Id prefer it continue at a steady pace till Jan 2019.

I just had to open up and share these things because THIS is what I use my money on
aside from my monthly bills which thank God so far I am able to pay which total about 2,100 monthly on their own.

Thanks to those of you , who do support me and who have hired me and rehire me! I appreciate you
more than you know.

I am hoping and praying ESCORT work picks back up for me .. I am rebranding and rebooting so to speak by Spring.
But my family responsibilities now as things are only allow me to really go hard at escorting about 2 weeks total ( not concurrent) of
each month.

Thanks for letting me vent,

Oh and disclaimer, if anyone has anything negative to say, any slick comments.. save them
I am not in the mood , nor am I going to give a damn. Again I always speak my truth and will
continue to do so. I am honest as shit about everything always will be!!!

Have a great day!


Hot topics for BOTH clients and companions

Hello fellow sex workers and clients!

While this article, blog entry covers mainly the Atlanta market as that has been my base for the last 10 yrs, I am sure you will see things that you can relate to no matter where you are.

First I’ll begin with the clients and then I’ll discuss provider behavior.


1. Please stop trying to avoid screening! I have explained this so many times for at least 5 years now but let me explain again. No one is trying to give or share your info with anyone. We are simply trying to ensure our safety as providers. Do you all know more executive men, with lots of prestige screen without having to be scolded or begged to do so? It is always the average Joe with ideas of grandeur who feels he is too entitled, too important to screen. I promise you we are sick to death of hearing what you have to
lose! We have our lives, homes, freedom, to lose. Oh and surprise plenty of us have other jobs, families JUST LIKE YOU! Please understand that we cannot give you a good time IF we do not feel assured of our safety. If I feel safe, I can relax. If I can relax I can help you relax. Its simple really.

2. Stop requesting rates and/or services you do not see on her ad or website. Please stop this! Do not contact a companion and try to low ball her. If her rate says 300 do not contact and say “I have 150 , its better than nothing”. That shit is disrespectful and shows you are not a gentleman. Our rates are our rates for a reason. This is a business! You cannot go to McDonalds, your hairdresser, your attorney or Doctor and TELL them what you are going to
pay them! Please treat our business with the same understanding and respect. IT IS A BUSINESS, please understand that. Also you should NEVER contact a companion and ask about services period! It can get both you and the companion in a lot  of legal trouble and it always, always usually make a companion of caliber uncomfortable and awkward feeling. We are
paid for our time with you, not a menu list. Anything you need to know is on her website , TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT! Lastly do not ask about greek, bbbj , cim etc if you DO NOT SEE ANYTHING OF THAT NATURE MENTIONED ON HER SITE OR AD. If you do not see it then its probably not an option and if it is again its probably eluded  to or on her site.
I suppose you could look at her reviews BUT I personally think reviews are bad news… which leads me to….

3. Men stop depending on other men to judge and tell you what your experience with a lady will be. UNLESS she is a rip off,
a robber, a scam artist or harmed you there is NO reason to kiss and tell. Review culture to me is truly like high school locker room bs. Let me give you a real and rational reason of why its a very flawed system. Men misuse it when they can’t see some girls or when their advances are not met with the admiration they thought they were going to get. Reviews have become a way
to lash out and harm ladies business more so than a REAL idea of how a date went. Some of the great reviews you see, were bought and paid for
or they were given in exchange for some type of agreement between the provider and the gent. So again its not REAL or necessarily fact.
The most important reason to ditch the review system is,it allows you all to see us as a commodity , less than human. We are people not items.
Each man is different, has different needs . Sure the needs may be similar but on a mental level and personality level there will be small differences in each case. Therefore no matter how hard a companion tries no two dates she has will be EXACTLY the same. So you reading what I did, or any other provider did with John,Rick or Tom will not really prove what you and I will be like once we meet. Lots of bad reviews are from bad match ups. Most of this occurs because MEN DO NOT READ OUR WEBSITES! If you take the time to
read our websites, our blogs, our social media you will have a MUCH clearer idea of who we are and if we will be a good fit for each other!
SO honestly if you want to have the BEST EXPERIENCE you should READ in full a ladies site, and social media and then you’ll really
already have a feel for her. You should introduce yourself with manners, screen and be a true gentleman and then we will treat you like a king!



Ok let me begin by saying this, this is NOT about whorearchy or picking on anyone! I have been UP and I have certainly struggled and been down. So I know all ends. However even when I was down, at my lowest I still carried myself w class, grace and self respect.

So lets get to the shits… lol

1. Ladies, ladies, ladies, hell even transgendered and male companions. I know the market is slower than normal right now. I know some are really really struggling and about to lose everything but for the love of GOD and man, PLEASE stop putting it  all out there. Meaning please stop blinding me and others with vaginas and penises and exposed anus at every other click on
every ad site. If you want to use those things as marketing tools the correct way is with Onlyfans, Iwantclips etc. Sell those images privately BUT stop covering all the ad sites with them. Less is truly more sometimes! Upscale gents are more curious and pay  more attention to ads and websites where there is a level of class and maturity shown. I have NEVER posted an open legged vagina pic ever. Like never! I have kept it classy even when losing a home, even when living in a hotel. No matter what I was going through…
I KEPT IT CLASSY. I maintained my dignity. Even the times I had to place ads looking for help , that felt more dignified to me than posing with my cooch exposed on every site I could find. In those times when I did have to seek out help in dire times even then the gentlemen that helped me mentioned how classy I was. They treated me with respect. Some with so much respect they didn’t even engage in more than a simple massage or meal with me. But to make my point. You should not have to display all you have WIDE to the world
just to get clients and coins.

2. Please stop with the super over the top explicit and graphic ad titles and ad text! I know some of you have managers and pimps
and have no control of your own marketing. I am not talking to you. I wish I could show you a better , safer way, but I am not talking to you.
BUT to those I am talking to.. There is no need at all for”All 3 wet holes for a good price” ( why are you mentioning acts and money together smh)
There is also no need for things like “Come get this good head and this gushy pussy”! Ladies WHY?!?! I am really trying to understand.
In most cases presenting yourself that way will only get you the men who want to pay 40,60,100 . The guys with maturity and the real money
are probably not going to contact you. If you want upscale clients then you have to behave in an upscale fashion. EVEN if you don’t care and money
is money to you.. AGAIN its about your dignity and self respect which you should always want to maintain. Hell when I had hard times years back and had
to ask for help or offer really low rates in emergencies I STILL CARRIED AND PRESENTED MY IMAGE WITH dignity and class , that’s all I am sayin!

I know things are hard, slow and everyone is scrambling and it is easier to get clients if you are lax on screening . However, it can lead
to your arrest, your death, you being robbed, you being kidnapped and truly trafficked. MAKE SCREENING NORMAL ACROSS THE BOARD.
I know again some of you do not control your own situation so there isn’t much you can do in that situation BUT I urge and suggest you
escape being under a pimp and at least go work for a safe, reputable agency where they do screen if you really need to work under someone to be

4. This is really important. Let’s get back to being supportive and watching out for each other. I have never seen so much in fighting, and
bickering online as I have lately among other companions. The whole world is already against us. Do you really think it’s a good idea
to be at each other’s throats all the time? The answer is No. If you can’t or don’t get along with someone be an adult and don’t engage with them.
Instead take the energy and time you are putting into them and make your brand, your pics, your online persona and business better!

That’s all for today!

Much love,


The truth of being a WOC sex worker

Good Morning. I like to think of myself as the IYANLA FIX MY LIFE ( AND FIX MY THINKING) of sex work.
Yesterday on Twitter a lady ( another sex worker) decided she was going to question, comment and chime in on a WOC sex workers thoughts on different treatment when touring etc.

I am going break down a list and I will probably not even cover all the ways that many of us do not get what we should, or treated how we should in this industry. But let me educate those of you who think WOC, BBW’S and all other more “unique” groups use these things as excuses or complaints. YOU
are wrong these things are factual.

Let’s keep in simple in the first example and keep it to where yall live SOCIAL MEDIA.

Case and point , let’s be real , let’s be honest we have all seen photos of black companions , or even full figured companions etc that you know damn well were executed flawlessly, the companion is beautiful. BUT even on the ones
where the retweets and likes may get high they do NOT usually get as high as the white ladies pic ( Or even those who may not be white but have more Caucasian looks and features) You all can deny that if you want…
but it is the truth. In some cases the WOC pics look ten times better and you all know it too but then you will see another ladies pic that is just not a good pic get 900 likes AND usually its a Caucasian counterpart.

We got the simple example out of the way, now lets move on.

I have always been Independent BUT I have done assistant work for agencies. I have been the mentor for ladies who
have come to me after being told by well known agencies and booking assistants that “they only work with white ladies or latin ladies, or that they do not work with BBW’s” You see the thought perception and unfortunately due to how men even view the worth of WOC or fuller figured women has alot to do with it. The agencies and booking assistants know they
wont make as much profit off of these ladies.I see it all the time while assisting agencies. Men ask “Do you have an asian?” “Do you have a white girl?” “Do you have a spinner type”? Not once have I seen the question “Do you have any ebony ladies?”

SO PLEASE do not tell these ladies who are complaining of different treatment that it is an excuse, or that they are angry black women.
Also just because the agencies you have tried didn’t hire you due to you being more curvy, more busty or whatever do NOT compare your
experience to that of the WOC complaining. Honestly I know Latin ladies are women of color BUT trust me even they are higher up on the chain
and get more attention and are treated as more worthy than black women. Latin is thought of as exotic. Black women are treated
as exotic when they travel to other countries.

You see how WOC are treated in sex work isn’t really that different than how they are treated and viewed in general. I get that your privilege
allows you to overlook it, to not get it. Here’s examples where the treatment of black women and girls is so different that you cannot overlook it.
Washington DC over 100 black girls missing, we heard about it for one year and then barely nothing. But the blonde haired blue eyed girl that went missing
in Aruba years ago.. shes never forgotten. They were told the black girls in DC are more than likely being trafficked and instead of really caring or checking
into it.. they would rather think they are runaways.

Another example the R Kelly situation. His choosing of only black girls and a couple of latin girls is quite telling. He knows the world in general
does not value black women or girls. Its much easier to do a few payoffs, for the police to not give a damn when its black ladies and girls he is targeting.
If he did that exact same thing to blonde haired Suzy he’d of already been under the jail. Those are the facts.

So to you ladies on the outside looking in assuming you know what it is like to be a WOC sex worker,( Or who think because you can name maybe 6 black
companions who are able to get what most of the white girls or extremely fair complexioned ladies get without having to blink) if you think you know what it
is really like for most WOC SW you need to be quiet. You have no idea the frustration and anger lots of ladies feel when they know their branding is just as good, their pics are flawless, they are running their business properly yet they are looked over or haggled based on race or complexion and heaven forbid they also be BBW .

I hope after reading this and really thinking some of you who like to say that being a sex worker while being black is no different than your experience
will not say it again. You have no idea what its like. I have white sex work friends one of whom is a best friend who I used to live with. She used to even
be amazed at how differently I was treated, she witnessed it. Not just by white men, most of her clients were black. You see its all across the board. Men regardless or race treat WOC swer’s differently. I am a vet of 17 yrs. I know how to build brands, I do web design and assistant work for other ladies and have for quite some time SO your argument of her not knowing how to run her business certainly do not apply to me and many others. I doubt that it even applies to the young lady the statement was made towards.

Please understand once and for all, you cannot understand what we deal with. You just cant you never will.

That is all have a great weekend all.

Oh and I am definitely NOT “angry”. I simply speak facts.

Calling a black woman “angry” is really usually just a term used to try to shade when a black woman is strong, speaks her mind and doesn’t stay within the confines society seems to expect us to stay within or put up with.

Also let’s all take a moment to give @the_cute_dog on Twitter the attention he craves. He seems to think I am bitter or resentful in the fact that I am a black older BBW.  I am sure you all know that the furthest from the truth. I have and will always be confident, beautiful and free of small minded thinking. This blog entry was at the defense of another lady who a non WOC sex worker belittled during a discussion. But Mr. Cute Dog by his own Twitter fingers just proved my point. We have no issue with you guys having preferences.  We are merely stating the fact that the industry is DIFFERENT for WOC.  Your ignorant comments will never change that. Again….. you should really stay out of conversations that you cannot relate to and that you have to real experience in.


BTW CUTE DOG..  true gentlemen, the guys I and most girls are interested in, are interested in the COMPLETE experience and interaction they have with a companion.   I assure you as a companion who has been in biz a long time, raised a whole family on that income w no gov’t assistance , that PLENTY of men desire me and find me beautiful.  Beyond that they greatly enjoy my personality and wit. Lastly a shocker for you most of my clients that enjoy me and seek me out are in fact older Caucasian gents.  I am proud of who I am and of what I have been able to do.  I just wanted to point out that basically every assumption you make of me ( as shown in the attached screenshot) is ridiculous.

You sir are laughable.



The Bitterness of some gentlemen is just hilarious..

So I mingle here and there in a few places on Reddit. I wouldn’t say I am the most frequent Redditor in the world but hey, lol.

Anyway… once in a while in late night boredom I post in a Pics of BBW’s reddit . My last post was probably a little over  two months ago.

So imagine my surprise when out of the blue some guy decides to reply to my photo post with “she wants the bag( emoji) and the bars ( not sure what he meant by that as I do not do drugs at all,lol) and that she posts on every site.

BTW the rules of this Reddit forum is that there is no advertising allowed. So I have never done anything there but say hello, post a pic.  If anyone contacts me outside of there or asks questions I may offer info and details but all in all I just post there when I am bored and have pics I like.

So I basically let  him know that it was a little nuts to post on a 2 month old post and that I was not bothered or moved by his posting.

So here is where he gets super dumb. HE decides to go find my online ads and post one of them to the forum. Keep in mind I wasn’t using the Reddit area to advertise as I know the rules. So he just basically gave me free advertising !!! HA!  I am sure he was trying to shame me. I also elaborated after he shared the links and let him know that I cannot be shamed and that there is MUCH  more to me than just my escort career.

The whole point is when will internet trolls learn. I and most sex workers are NOT ashamed.  We have  nothing to be ashamed of.  And next time you want to try to get a rise out of me, don’t be so silly as to give me free press and free advertising .. silly silly…

That is all. Have  a good day!

Happy Holidays to all and to the Reddit guy.   Next time try to find something positive to do.  It is the holidays , I am sure there must be other things for you to focus on. I am flattered however to have gotten a rise out of you.. lol.





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Taken by Storm Web Design and Assisting Incentives for the Holiday season

Hello Everyone, ( Mainly my sex worker readers)

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Hello Ladies, I know its been forever  since I dropped in. Life has been crazy and lord
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