To my “secret” accuser lol…..

So now this person has decided to message me from a couple of different country IP addresses.
Of course they are denying me knowing who they are. But a timeline of events and the first IP
still leads straight to them.

Let me say this in advance of any shenanigans and bullshit this person or this persons friends may
pull. I think you all know me pretty well. When I need something I say what I need and if the
person wants to help me they help me.. plain and simple. I don’t lie or deceive to get help never have
my life and anything I mention regarding it are real.

So lets just say on the off chance that it is not who I believe it is. Lets say it’s a disgruntled client from the past. Or someone who helped me with money but then when it was time for him to come for his “OWED’ appointments did not come or we didn’t click. I have said and made it clear on more than one blog posting and site.
I will NOT chase you down to make you show up for sessions that I agree to give you. I will email you a few times and if you do not come or don’t want to come…. That is on you. I owe you nothing for that. I always reach out. I never go ghost , feel free any gent to email me any time and I will def respond. I never ghost anyone.

This person is accusing me now of taking way more than 150.00 but mentioned a female.
NEVER EVER .. because only way I would have worked for a female is through web work. And there is only one person who I would have had this kind of incident with. So its def who I suspect and they are trying to throw me off. Or its some angry past client just trying to mess with me.

Either way I DO NOT STEAL, it is up to you to come for your session or contact me AFTER I contact you.
The only other person I can think of. I contacted also on more than one occasion in regard to paying them
back since they didn’t want more sessions WHEN I OFFERED MORE SESSIONS.

So either way.. STORM IS NEVER A THIEF.
Be a real person , not a punk and stop hiding SAY WHO YOU ARE, EMAIL OR CONTACT ME FROM NON HIDDEN INFO .. period.

Or go away.

Now that’s that.


To you, the one sending me threats! Good day!

First let me begin by saying….

I didn’t intend to have to begin my day with a “Donkey of the day” “you played yourself award”
but here we are…lmao

I think sometimes people forget I how fast on my feet I am, how intelligent I am, how experienced
in this game I AM!

I received an email from someone via my chat form ( as I was asleep at midnight) message threatening
me and my family life. I will add the screenshot at bottom of this form. Now based on the location of the
sender I have a pretty good idea where it originated.

Let me begin with this, I have not been hurting anyone. That persons own deceptive, narcissistic nature
is what is hurting them and their family not me. If it is related to who I am pretty sure it is related to, I have not
spoken to this person in exactly a year next month. So how exactly would I be hurting you? lol

As you will see from the screenshots it was ridiculous , meaning the things they said were ridiculous.
I have NEVER needed to steal from your brothers wife or anyone else for that matter. We parted ways due
to her continuing things that I decided I was going to remove myself from to protect myself, my image, my brand and my business. Any services she’d ever paid me for were completed and the service I did NOT complete , SHE TOLD ME NOT TO PAY HER BACK ON, ( btw I keep ALL MY EMAILS so unless it got thrown away on some weird shit, I have proof of that.) So go ask her if
when I repeatedly contacted her to pay her back over and over again, SHE just simply wanted to be done with it and told me basically that she did NOT want the 150.00 back. Do you really think I would need to steal 150.00 from anyone.. please .. never.

So get your facts and information together. Secondly once a liar always a liar. This person has lied about several things over and over again to several people. I suggest you do your research before rushing to the defense of someone who I am sure has not
told you the truth in what they are doing.

There is no way I am hurting them, their own way of doing things, their inability to right their own wrongs, to apologize to all  the others they have harmed… is whats hurting them and your brothers family. NOT ME, not anyone else. They are causing it all
on their own.

My family , my children are my world and once you EVEN MENTION THEM, mention my home.. then you started a war. And I won’t back down. I have never in my life outed or messed with another companions life. NEVER but if anything happens regarding my home, my family lots of FACTUAL , REAL LIFE INFO regarding YOU will come out. Do not test me!!

I don’t have anything to hide. I am already out. I have been arrested before TWICE, and never once has anyone taken by kids due to that. Know why? Because I am a good and responsible parent. My kids are never in harms way. Never around when anything goes on. I have paid sitters and I haven’t hosted at my home in MONTHS.

Furthermore in regard to you and your family pressing charges against me .. lol
Definitely not harassment , haven’t spoken of, bothered or contacted in over a year TILL TODAY, due to you threatening me.
Maybe I should press charges..
Definitely not theft. … there is not theft YOUR BROTHERS WIFE told me not to pay her back.
So.. what are the grounds?

And search my home under what grounds? I don’t use any drugs. No one commits any illegal acts from my home. So under what grounds would my state or city issue a warrant to search? I am just trying to understand the logic of your threat.

Lastly since we haven’t spoken in over a year.. WHAT house would they be going to….?
You don’t know my current address……

FINALLY you accused me of promoting prostitution… lmao
do you even understand that law ?
I do not think you do, its not applicable to me or what I do.
I don’t manage anyone, no one works under me..
I am a web designer………………..and I do not OWN any ladies site, or have any involvement in any of their independent businesses.


If I wanted to ruin anyone , there is lots I could say and lots I could provide as far as a provider name and a real name…

SO stop this bullshit, before you see a side of me you really wont like.

that is all.

see the screenshots yall!




45-5-602. Promoting prostitution. (1) A person commits the offense of promoting prostitution if the person purposely or knowingly commits any of the following acts:
(a) owns, controls, manages, supervises, resides in, or otherwise keeps, alone or in association with others, a house of prostitution or a prostitution business;
(b) procures an individual for a house of prostitution or a place in a house of prostitution for an individual;
(c) encourages, induces, or otherwise purposely causes another to become or remain a prostitute;
(d) solicits clients for another person who is a prostitute;
(e) procures a prostitute for a patron;
(f) transports an individual into or within this state with the purpose to promote that individual’s engaging in prostitution or procures or pays for transportation with that purpose;
(g) leases or otherwise permits a place controlled by the offender, alone or in association with others, to be regularly used for prostitution or for the procurement of prostitution or fails to make reasonable effort to abate that use by ejecting the tenant, notifying law enforcement authorities, or using other legally available means; or
(h) lives in whole or in part upon the earnings of an individual engaging in prostitution, unless the person is the prostitute’s minor child or other legal dependent incapable of self-support.
(2) Except as provided in subsection (3), a person convicted of promoting prostitution shall be fined an amount not to exceed $50,000 or be imprisoned in a state prison for a term not to exceed 10 years, or both.
(3) (a) If the person engaging in prostitution was a child and the patron was 18 years of age or older at the time of the offense, whether or not the patron was aware of the child’s age, the patron offender:
(i) shall be punished by imprisonment in a state prison for a term of 100 years. The court may not suspend execution or defer imposition of the first 25 years of a sentence of imprisonment imposed under this subsection (3)(a)(i) except as provided in 46-18-222, and during the first 25 years of imprisonment, the offender is not eligible for parole.
(ii) may be fined an amount not to exceed $50,000; and
(iii) shall be ordered to enroll in and successfully complete the educational phase and the cognitive and behavioral phase of a sexual offender treatment program provided or approved by the department of corrections.
(b) If the offender is released after the mandatory minimum period of imprisonment, the offender is subject to supervision by the department of corrections for the remainder of the offender’s life and shall participate in the program for continuous, satellite-based monitoring provided for in 46-23-1010.

History: En. 94-5-603 by Sec. 1, Ch. 513, L. 1973; amd. Sec. 2, Ch. 2, L. 1975; 




Hey Ladies I’d love to meet some of you!

Hey ladies and gents,

So I am an entire damn year LATE starting my touring.
So many things prevented it last year and I have decided I am going to tour BUT without giving a list of travel dates.

When I am ready to hit the road to a city I will announce that city about 2 weeks ahead of time. So for you gents that means you will have 2 weeks prior notice to pre-book and get your deposits handled.

But the main reason of this post is to the ladies.

I may seem a bit elusive in regard to face to face meetings and hanging out with other ladies. I do not mean to me. I have some apprehension in regard
to socializing because I am more mature in age than many of you and my priorities are very different due to that age difference and just how I live in my own world. This is not to say that anything is wrong with each persons own way of doing things and interacting . It definitely is not. To each their own.

I just want to meet with ladies who are mature enough to not hate on each other. To not stick to “high school” cliques and who do not spend all day picking on each
other and bickering with each other on Twitter. Our industry doesn’t have to be a battle, and cut throat or backstabbing and seeing how some of you interact with
each other has kept me at arms reach.

I really want to meet some of you and have lunch, dinner hit a night spot when  I am in some of your cities. I really do. I just hope that we can have a mature time
if I hang out with some of you.

If you are a lady in the following cities and would like to meet me and have some social time when I pass your way. Please shoot me a note at
I really would love to meet some of you.

Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington DC for starters.
If you are a lady in those areas. Id love the possibility of meeting up!

Thanks Storm

BBW proud and strong, don’t be this guy!

So today a DUMMY, one I suspect is mad because I am doing WELL and my rates are higher than they were years ago, or someone who I didn’t allow certain behaviors with or who I would NOT meet… Decided he’d take the time out of his morning to email me
and to try to insult me on my weight gain.

Let me be clear, I am confident AS FUCK! Nothing any of you guys or ladies for that matter says about my weight could ever  bother me or make a difference to me. Anyone who knows me knows my confidence stays at 2,000 . I am a Queen, beautiful and no one can tell me otherwise..NO ONE!

I have 5 kids, 2 grandkids and I look hella young and hella good .. trust that. I am proud of myself at
any weight. I GAINED 20 pounds probably since the time period he mentions and SO WHAT? I advertise
as BBW and I am happy and comfortable with myself and my appearance.

BTW I work out, but not to get thin, just to improve my over all life longevity.

SO hes blacklisted for sheer stupidity and disrespect.. I don’t play those games and will put you on blast for it.

I normally would have put him under “The Bad Guys” here but , I wanted to give him extra attention since he is evidently “needy” and wants someone to give him some attention today.

BY THE WAY I CALLED HIM A TRICK , I NEVER call real gentlemen, let me say that again , REAL GENTLEMEN, WITH MANNERS WHO ARE RESPECTFUL TRICK .  If I stoop to that level and call you a trick its because you are disrespectful and not deserving of the word client , or friend.  He earned how I spoke to him.. .point blank.. period.





New pics for you fellas!

I wanted to share a few of my new photos with you here on my blog.
The rest can be found on my site.

While sharing I do want you gentlemen to think about the following.
When you go to the car lot ( I hate this analogy because sex workers are people , not things BUT just making it a situation your male brain can relate to) and you see the nice Porsche with the high quality Italian leather interior and custom paint job and then you see the stock dodge charger ( both nice
cars just different) your brain lets you know based on site alone and specs which car you can afford and which one you cannot.

In other words NOTHING ( regardless of moments in the past , back when , when I wasn’t doing well and ran specials etc or couldn’t afford certain things I can now) should say to you when looking at the last 2 years of how I have run my business that you can contact me and expect me to take 40 or 60 …

RATES BEGIN AT 200 unless I decide ONCE IN A BLUE MOON to do a 150 special.

Girlfriend companionship BEGINS AT 300

The past is the past and that is not my present and its def not my future.

So you will need to honor and accept the current rates and rates that may increase as I near my retirement this year in 2019.

If you cannot afford my rates, then save up till you can. Seeing a companion is a luxury, something you treat yourself to. Or contact another lovely lady who you can afford there are many. BUT honestly 200 to 300 is beyond fair beyond reasonable and honestly I feel as though I should be asking more and I DO have higher rates and arrangements for more discerning and elite gents.

I guess what I am trying to say is be respectful of ladies and do not contact those of us who you can tell put effort into our websites , outfits, photos and marketing and locations with low ball insulting offers. It is maddening and disrespectful so
please do not do it.

Now… enjoy my new pics.. again more are on my website



To the mean girl club on Twitter..

This week it was called to my attention that some “ladies” were ganging up online on another
sex worker. She is an ebony and BBW.

First and foremost I realize some of you involved in said dispute are not familiar with me.
Let me bring you up to speed since about 2014 I have been who other companions, even sugar
babies come to when they have disputes with bad clients or other companions online. I am  a bit of an “internet warrior” a “god mom” a “protector” of the ladies who do not yet have their own strength or who do not yet have the large “following”.

So you see aside from being an escort web designer, an assistant and booker and graphic designer for other ladies as well as an escort myself, I am A MOMMA BEAR, of all ladies.

I speak my mind and that is whether you like it or not. I especially speak it when people try to play victim when they know they played just as big a part in mess and others.

Some of you want to play the victim or try to excuse your behavior based upon something  that happened and came to pass on a review site. First off, the fact that ANY of you still put so much stock in review sites is amazing to me. They are a legal liability and they were built
specifically as retaliation from their very creation , but still yall are slaves to it. But anyway..
REGARDLESS, whether anyone had you removed from TER or not its never a reason to  bring in anyone’s SIZE, body type or throw little racial or classicism jabs ( like calling someone “ghetto”)

Then to try to argue ” she had my reviews removed, SO THE HELL WHAT, I get why you would be mad,
I get that you are MAD, BUT it is inexcusable to body shame or say someone is “ghetto” and then to try
to clean it up for all your readers online and say ghetto to you means Low class or “trashy” behavior..

How many times have yall referred to any of your white girlfriends behvior as “ghetto”? I’ll wait while you try to find some proof of you using that same term on any of your low class, trashy white or latin etc  counterparts ( BTW NOT RACIST I HAVE FRIENDS OF EVERY RACE, I HAVE KIDS OF MIXED ORIGINS, PEOPLE
ARE PEOPLE TO ME) I am merely stating the facts of what occurred here. I want to see some proof of where
you used the word ghetto to describe the behavior of someone who is NOT brown!!

The point is IF you are intelligent you can argue and disagree WITHOUT referring to a persons, class, race, SIZE. You know  how they say people who curse alot curse because they have limited vocabulary and aren’t intelligent. Same here….
Intelligent mature people can make a point without resorting to the antics you ladies have for OVER a week
against this other companion.

Then to mention the lady and those coming to her defense have low amounts of followers? I am sorry are we in  high school , I thought we left the “cliques” behind years ago. If you are in your 30’s or 40’s and your amount
of Twitter followers is a big thing to you, you should reevaluate your life. There are FAR more important things than that. BUT since we are on that.. .I am defending her and I have PLENTY of followers. I am established both with other companions and with gents.

So lets stop being immature, and agree to disagree and learn to NOT use body shaming or race or class
and ESPECIALLY over an argument that began about a fucking review site…

Some of you really need to grow and grow up!


To all my Taken By Storm Customers

Good morning loves,

Its the middle of the week finally. First I want to begin with positive energy. Thank you to SO MANY other companions who support me and my business and
respect my journey as a mother and helped to make taking my children on a  vacation next week possible. YOU ARE APPRECIATED BEYOND WORDS.

I do not ever take for granted or overlook any of your support. Its important to me that you all know that.

My life has come from some crazy depressing moments just a little over a year  ago to me being able to pay bills on time, me being able to splurge once in a while
on myself and my family. To me just having a normal , fruitful life not one full of stress and dismay.


On the other hand however , there will always be a few bad apples. I do understand that MANY of us, including myself go through ups and downs and that the stress put
on many of us by FOSTA/SESTA has certainly taken its toll. I get it, I understand, I  sympathize BUT this doesn’t mean that you as a paying customer of Taken By Storm
web design have the right to become combative ( verbally) or abusive verbally to me.

Due to this last week me and a woman I had done work for parted ways. I have a more detailed blog entry on regarding it but I just wanted to
speak on it one more time because she tried to say , she was mistreated, or spoken to badly.
NO SHE WAS NOT, not until she was rude and disrespectful to me. At which time I first
tried to politely and with sensitivity diffuse the situation. She then took it up another notch and so I returned with the same energy.

I am not a person who takes anyones crap. Never have been, never will be. I am professional, direct and to the point and I KNOW MY SKILLS AND WHAT I AM DOING
WHEN YOU HIRE ME. With that being said if I know your ideas are bad, will make your site look hard to read , I will share my opinion because after all I want you to have the best possible outcome.

My reputation is on the line anytime I put a site out on the net, so of course I want it to reflect BOTH your brand and
my brand as a web designer /assistant in the BEST most professional light.

Please feel free to go to and click blog after you enter the site for more details..



Final word of warning to Atlanta men …… be careful with me!

Gentlemen of Atlanta, I should say boys of Atlanta because gentlemen are not ignorant or immature.

I guess because my original blog was down for a while some of you forgot how I roll. I am not the average
companion you guys are used to who will put up with your disrespect or bs due to the “game”.

Regardless of my occupation , I will not tolerate your disrespect. Regardless of my weight or race I will not
tolerate your disrespect. I suggest STRONGLY that you remember that when speaking to or reaching out to me.

I will blacklist the hell out of you for anything less than mannerly , mature communication!

And for all of you that played games in the past, or came at me crazy in the past or were suspicious or threatening
or L.E I still have all my prior blog blacklist content, same as I have all my video’s yall have ever reported or had
taken down. I maintain very detailed files and records.

So let me make sure we are clear NO SLANDER, FALSE, OR NEGATIVE BS or stupid comments, racist comments on me will be tolerated ever. I assure you I will fire back , guns a blazing ( figurative) all the time!

I don’t bend, I don’t fold I don’t run away scared or worried.

Take care.

Findom Post , ( Vanilla Guys feel welcomed to donate)


Your sinister, sexy Goddess is going on vacation in August the first week of August.
The sub who shows his allegiance and loyalty to me by funding or atleast reimbursing my travel expenses will get a private video and some photos IF I

Want to have me send you a private list of things to do to please your Queen? Want to be able to have a private skype session or private chat with your Goddess , with you doing her every command?, with you able to gaze upon her?

IT requires you making the sacrifice of your hard earned money PIGGY!!!

Send me what you know I deserve, bow down and buy me my wardrobe. Buy my family their school clothes, pay my rent, DO IT ALL!!!!

Why ? Because you are a pathetic, small dicked, cock sucking, subservient slave and your job is to WORK for me, in worship of me!


I accept cashapp or western union!

email NOW to submit tribute.